Fridge / Slither

  • I got so much new respect for Slither when I realised that the main characters are all subversions of their traditional roles in horror. Including the villain. Especially the villain. -Whatever
    • Nathan Fillion once noted he loved Pardy for his very human, "What the fuck?" reaction early on, rather than instantly donning the boots of asskicking.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The only ones that survive are the ones willing to learn and adapt, in other words evolve, like Starla was teaching earlier in the film.
  • Fridge Horror: Just the ending and how the three survivors are going to explain a town full of dead bodies when it's unlikely there's any proof of alien slugs once the Grantmonster is killed.
    • First, there's the fact that, if there are no signs of slugs, then it won't be clear exactly how the three survivors managed to wipe out an entire town, especially with some of the dead being armed police officers (and with no obvious signs of violence on the bodies). In addition, there might be some signs that the alien slugs were in the brains of the victims before they died (especially since Kylie's family were suffering seizures as the aliens entered their brain). And some of the corpses will look as if they were partially devoured, IMO, I don't know if the authorities will believe the alien story, but they won't believe that three people managed to kill off an entire town.
  • The fact that the parasite wasn't evil per se, just doing what its' natural life cycle is.