Fridge / Slither

  • I got so much new respect for Slither when I realised that the main characters are all subversions of their traditional roles in horror. Including the villain. Especially the villain. -Whatever
    • Nathan Fillion once noted he loved Pardy for his very human, "What the fuck?" reaction early on, rather than instantly donning the boots of asskicking.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The only ones that survive are the ones willing to learn and adapt, in other words evolve, like Starla was teaching earlier in the film.
  • Fridge Horror: Just the ending and how the three survivors are going to explain a town full of dead bodies when it's unlikely there's any proof of alien slugs once the Grantmonster is killed.
  • The fact that the parasite wasn't evil per se, just doing what its' natural life cycle is.