Fridge / Saints Row 2

Fridge Brilliance
  • Julius' fatherly relationship to the Boss and his sudden betrayal seem like they came out of nowhere. Then I realized, Julius had been captured by the cops and they had him dead to rights. All of the stuff about cleaning up the Row was just justification for the fact that he was always in it for himself.
    • It's further backed up by the fact Julius is taking over the Colombian Drug Trade when the Vice Kings consider it a Moral Event Horizon.
  • Shaundi gets a bit of flak because she was a poor fighter in the second game. However, if you think about it, this is because she was constantly stoned and shagged out. A lot of jokes are made about the ridiculous amount of boyfriends she's had. Numerous references are made about her drug habits (including one phone message about being really baked), and when Boss is drugged, they can't fight well either. So you have someone firing a Kalashnikov while higher than a kite.
  • When speaking to Jane Valderamma before starting a Mayhem, she claims that one Zach Johnson is stealing her spotlight, being a "nut-job lawyer who gets hard at the idea of a lawsuit". She goes on to state that he's "been crusading against media he deems to be offensive" and that he "makes a big enough ass out of himself that whenever he pulls some stunt, people listen". When the Protagonist asks her if he has a lot of support, she responds "Not really". Now let's stop and think: Who does this sound like? Need a hint? The name rhymes with someone... The question is... who? It's Jack Thompson.