Heartwarming: Saints Row 2

  • We meet Donnie from the West Side Rollerz again. Apparently even after five years he still misses Lin and mourns her death. He even has a Voxel, Lin's preferred type of car with "in memorial" written on it. Seeing what Boss does to him, even if not as horrible as things he/she does, still makes you feel somewhat like a bastard.
  • Still after Gat is sworded s\he visits him in hospital, and shows genuine anger throughout the Ronin missions after what happen. Given the character it's quite touching.
    Gat: "So the bastard's dead?"
    Boss: "I cut him up myself. How are you feeling?"
    Gat: "She's dead. You really gotta ask? Funeral?"
    Boss: "We're waiting for you. How are you holding up?"
    Gat: "Doc says I'll be up to murdering in a couple of days." Boss chuckles at this. "Well he didn't say murderin but you get the idea."
  • The opening cutscene to one of the earlier Brotherhood missions; Carlos has barely been living up to the Boss's expectations from their lieutenants, but the Boss nonetheless expresses their confidence in him, giving off a parental vibe rarely seen elsewhere in the game. Sadly, this makes what Jessica forces him through in the next mission all the more heartbreaking.