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Fridge Brilliance

  • Ever wonder why Lastation looks like some dirty city? Think about it: when the PS3 first came out, its place was dead last. Seeing as Lastation doesn't have a ton of stuff, it represents the PS3 perfectly.
    • But what about Leanbox? Aside from Vert being a busty blonde, the national stereotype of Americans by Japan, at least she isn't living in some bombed-out wasteland; it looks rather like lush medieval fantasy land.
    • The Xbox 360 isn't developed for as much as the PS3 or Wii in Japan, so it would make some sense to have it the least developed world. There's also that one model of the 360 uses the Valhalla motherboard. What doesn't make sense however is that Leanbox has a region called Hirool.
      • That "Hirool" also perfect sense: Microsoft has been criticized constantly for ripping off of Wii's success (Kinect = Wii, anybody?).
  • You know how Neptune loses her memory at the start of the first game? Think about it. She's based on a 16-bit console, and the other goddesses are all based on seventh-generation consoles with far greater RAM. Compared to them, Neptune has no memory. It's a hardware joke.
  • Why is there a ton of Les Yay official art between Neptune and Noire? It's because the game was released for the PS3.
    • Have you seen the number of games Sega has released on Playstation? They’re pretty much camping on that console.
  • It's been stated in-game that there's an armed forces that fights monsters, and it's implied that they're having a bit of trouble. Why you, a little girl, and her two equally little girl friends, a nurse in training and someone who seems to be actually competent, seem to be much better off against them slaying monsters left and right seems to be a bit of a mystery. This troper has always been annoyed by the insufferably long and frequent transformation sequences. However, Neptune is a goddess. She HAS to transform often to take care of the monsters (initially, anyway).
    • Simple. They're the main characters and they know it. It automatically makes them much more effective than any NPC in combat.
    • Which comes in full circle in Victory when in the Good Ending, the three CPU goddesses in GC 2012 (who you never get to use in this game, long story) get curb stomped by Rei, while Neptune, who's the main playable character is the one who gets to defeat the Final Boss.
  • The first few pictures of the second game show that Neptune and the goddesses trapped in darkness with tentacles. Does this mean we're violating the consoles when we're pirating 'em?
    • Probably GeoHot, the PSN hacking and LulzSec made it possible.
  • Vert resembles a well endowed blonde and blue eyed girl, this troper was thinking something else until he realized that Japan's idea of American women is large breasts with blonde hair and blue eyes.
    • Also, regarding Vert's large breasts: XBOX HUEG.
  • Japan-only Fridge Brilliance: Why is IF into Vert a lot more than the rest of the characters? Her seiyuu is an avid Xbox 360 fan, that's why.
  • Blanc has high defense because she's made of Nintendium.
  • Meta-Example: According to the character popularity poll in Japan, Vert is the least popular of the CPUs and Ram is the least popular of the CPU Candidates. Personal tastes aside, given that the 360 isn't exactly as popular compared to the PS3 and Wii, it makes sense that the CPU and Candidate (Who is the candidate who uses the Green (Leanbox) mascot character disk, again?) representing the console wouldn't be anymore popular.
  • The characters' bust sizes are supposedly a representation of their respective consoles' graphical power. Vert, being the Xbox, is of course larger than the rest of the primary goddesses. Yellow Heart, however, surpasses even Green Heart, despite being based on an older console. The key is in her name in normal form, Peashy, which sounds like "PC". The "PC Engine" is what the TurboGrafx was known as in Japan, thus Yellow Heart's ridiculously large chest represents the power of a PC's "engine".
  • People often complain about how Ultradimension Noire is brattier and cockier than Hyperdimension Noire. She's supposed to cocky, she's a human girl who just gained the powers of a goddess, she has immortality, a transformation, and the ability to rule a sovereign nation. The chances of that going to someone's head is very high. Considering Ultradimension Noire became a Goddess during her teenage years (I'm assuming), she IS a bit of a spoiled teenager, and having become a Goddess at that age, she's frozen in a state of Immortal Immaturity. The Noire from the original game as well as Mk 2 was a few hundred, if not thousands of years old, and had also been born a Goddess, she was used to the role and the responsibility by the time the series started.
  • Why doesn't Vert have a younger sister? Because Microsoft has never made a handheld counterpart to the Xbox, choosing instead to focus on tablet computers.

Fridge Horror

  • Pururut specializes in Voodoo Doll magic. Take her sadistic, dominatrix personality as Iris Heart (and that it bleeds into her Pururut persona), and then look at her official art, which shows her carrying a doll of Neptune. Add the Les Yay that abounds from the series into this, and let your imagination run wild.
  • After the CPUs' Heroic Sacrifice in mk2, ignoring the Disney Death, what will happen to Leanbox now that their CPU is gone? Yes, Ram uses the Green Disk, but she's still a Lowee CPU Candidate. Either Ram becomes Leanbox's CPU (Which she probably won't be happy about), or they will have to find a new one and if both options fail, Leanbox is screwed. Either way, somebody loses in this scenario.
  • Victory Blanc reveals that she never intended to be a CPU, that it happened by accident. Consider that becoming a CPU stops one from aging, and it's only ever said that Lowee has existed for "a long time" and that she's been the only CPU in that time, how long has she more or less watched the world around her grow old and die without anyone else to be there for her?
    • Probably a lot worse with Rei who's been around even longer than Blanc and has killed her nation.
  • Peashy will watch Iffy and Compa grow old and die, and as a CPU she'll never understand why...
  • We're all acquainted with the Ruling/Conquest ending. Nepgear obtains the Malice Sword and, regretfully mind you (the way people treat her for her action, you'd assume she ran through Gameindustri slaughtering people by the hundreds before slaying the Goddesses), slays every single CPU and CPU Candidates, absorbing their souls into the Malice Blade to create the Gehaburn. It's a sad, tragic story that has brought many people to tears. It gets worse. While the Ruling/Conquest ending is generally seen as non-canon, when one enters a New Game Plus, they carry over all their items, skills, and levels with it. Depending on how one views time, a New Game Plus could imply the entire cast is stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop where they are stuck repeating the entire plot until something goes right, but they don't possess any memories of this as it is never addressed. When one completes the Ruling/Conquest Ending, they bring back to the beginning of the game with them the Gehaburn sword. This implies that Nepgear, after her horrific action in the Bad Ending, was sent back to start everything over, and brought with her the Gehaburn blade, inside of which are the souls of Noire, Uni, Blanc, Ram, Rom, Vert, and Neptune. Nepgear, as she goes throughout her adventures, is wielding a blade that contains the souls of Goddesses from an alternate timeline that happened but shouldn't have happened, forever trapped inside a sword with no way of getting out, being used as a weapon by a girl who has no idea the horrors she's committed.
  • The Gehaburn blade feeds on the souls of the Goddesses. Whose to say they're dormant? They could be fully and completely aware of their current imprisonment, and, considering the blade needs to get its power from something, the blade could be actively draining the souls of the CPUs. This is when you remember you killed two children with it and took their souls.
  • One that's brought up in-game but could use a bit more fleshing-out: All of the CPUs in the Ultradimension from Victory are basically the same person as they are in the normal Hyperdimension, with the exception of Plutia instead of a second Neptune being Planeptune's CPU. One scene has the characters mention this; Blanc and Vert come to the conclusion that the Ultradimension Nep, being just as carefree and lazy but without the immortality of being a CPU and with no one to depend on, died of starvation. However, The Stinger of the True Ending shows that there is an Ultradimension Neptune who's alive and well. But then that leaves other questions - is there a Hyperdimension Plutia? What could have happened to her? And is she just as bad as Iris Heart?
    • In this case Victory II actually answers this question, with the Ultradimension Nep pretty much being the same personality wise.

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