Fanfic Recs: Neptunia

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The stress of ruling a nation by Word spinner (Hurt/comfort, drama)
  • Recommended by Some Random Tosser
  • Synopsis: Uni and Noire get into a fight after an unknown event, causing Black Sister to run away to Planeptune.
  • Comments: This is a surprisingly emotional one-shot that really gets into the relationship between Uni and Noire. It dives right into their characters and gives them whole new dimensions.
  • Status: One-shot

Overheat by Kuugen the Fox (Romance, drama)
  • Recommended by Spectate
  • Synopsis: Gamindustri is ravaged by the all-out war between Lastation, Planeptune, Leanbox and Lowee. Open animosity between nations, research into deadly and outlawed weapons, each of the four super powers has to always take it still one step further to triumph over their enemies. In a world like that, love is a rare thing to find and even rarer between enemies. And yet it exists.

The Proposal by Blade of Justice (Romance)
  • Recommended by Spectate
  • Synopsis: Planeptune is on its last limbs. Shares are at an all time low, Neptune has run herself ragged trying to support what's left of her country, and Nepgear has been comatose for weeks. Fearing the imminent demise of their nation, Histoire summons the other CPUs to request that they save Planeptune, using the only means left: One of the CPUs... must marry Neptune.

''Warm Food by Zdood (Humor, Romance (Yuri))
  • Recommended by Feinoha
  • Pairings: Neptune/Noire
  • Synopsis: Noire invites Neptune over to try her food.
  • Status: One-shot

''Heartmas Rush by Zdood (Humor, Romance (Yuri))
  • Recommended by Feinoha
  • Pairings: Neptune/Noire
  • Synopsis: It's Heartmas Eve (read: Christmas, since Gamindustri has no Christ), and Neptune hasn't gotten Noire a present yet... will she be able to get one in time?
  • Status: One-shot

As You Like It by ghostdominion6 (Humor, Romance (Yuri))
  • Recommended by Eldritch
  • Pairings: Neptune/Noire, IF/5pb, traces of Nepgear/Uni
  • Synopsis: Loosely connected love stories, told by a poet who has consumed too much HAM and CHEESE. Neptune and Noire... consummate their relationship! Nepgear does... something too! IF also has a subplot? Sequel is out already?
  • Rating: M
  • Comments: Relatively short and snacky, complete with deliciously over-the-top narration. It's rated M for a reason, mind, but it's still very sweet and charming and funny.
  • Status: One-shot

A Lonely Birthday by Vonhunter (Sad)
  • Recommended by Jacob175
  • Synopsis: Taking place after the bad ending of the second game, Nepgear reflects on the time with the other goddesses.
  • Comments: A short and bittersweet one-shot. There are some cute moments in the flashbacks to help balance the somber tone.
  • Status: One-shot

Neptunia Mk2: Conquest Ending: Resolution by LastationLover5000 (Action, Drama)
  • Recommended by LastationLover5000
  • Synopsis: There's a question on every Neptunia fan's mind; what happened after the Conquest Ending of Neptunia Mk2? What happened to Nepgear, to Gameindustri, the Oracles, and all of that? Was Nepgear stopped? Did she regret her actions? This little mini-series, Resolution, will address those things as best I can! Join Schwarz as she tries to save Gameindustri!
  • Comments: Self-promotion is never a good thing, but I don't think there are too many fanfictions that explore the Conquest Ending, so I wanted to get mine out to feasting eyes.
  • Status: Complete.

The Data Fragment by Chisaku (Adventure/Supernatural)
  • Recommended by Slider no. 11
  • First entry of the "The Data Fragment" trilogy
  • Synopsis: When a lone boy named Chisaku lands himself into Gamindustri, not much is known about him. Why is he there? His need for answers leads him to go on a quest to figure it out, but will he get the answers in time?
  • Comments: Easily one of the more recently good Neptunia fics out there, which focuses upon an OC that has every justifiable reason as to why he's so damn awesome and Badass.
  • Status: Complete

The Hollow Shell by Chisaku (Supernatural)
  • Recommended by Slider no. 11
  • Sequel to the "The Data Fragment"
  • Synopsis: Chisaku has once again landed himself into Gamindustri, revisiting his past decisions. Whatever his purpose is to return to this world, his decisions will decide whether he is kept there forever, or banished from it for eternity.
  • Comments: Sequel Escalation is surely in effect when the sequel of a mildly dark fic opens up with a homage to the Alice killings of "Alice Human Sacrifice"... Also an Even Better Sequel.
  • Status: Complete

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Genesis by Seiker Hikaru (Sci-Fi/Adventure)
  • Recommended by Slider no. 11
  • Synopsis: Effects from crossing over into another dimension can vary at times; and this time, that crossing gave someone the power to literally break the code of Gamindustri for a short time. With the designation of Code Breaker, Castiel "Cas" Grayson sets out on a quest to find a way back home to or choose to stay; if he can survive the CPU's antics that is.
  • Comments: A nicely written story that is loosely based on The Animation's plot (which already was loosely based of mk2 and Victory) that's worth to read.
  • Status: Ongoing (23 chapters)