Fridge / MAD

  • Fridge Brilliance: One of Agent J's time trips in Men in Black to the Future while trying to get to 1969 accidentally takes him to Sesame Street. It wasn't an accident; he was in 1969.
    • "At the Airbender Technical Institute, I learned I have the power of earthbending! Now I'm an electrician for some reason!"
      This doesn't make much sense until you realize that Expert Earth-benders can bend metal. Which means that Good earth-benders would be able to easily fix metal wires.
    • In the short skit "Han Solo and Gretel", what's the hero's list of victims after a few seconds in? Hansel and Greedo.
    • Where's Rarity in "My Little War Horse"? While she doesn't physically show up, one might notice that the unicorn ponies have uniforms while the Earth ponies and pegasi don't. Rarity's thing is making clothing, so it's not unreasonable to assume that her presence is alluded to with this fact.