Fridge / Kevin & Kell

  • Fridge BrillianceThis strip reminds us that scrolling (as in webpages) was named after the paper scroll.
    • When she first encounters a homosexual couple in Domain, formerly human Danielle is surprised by how accepted it is, as where she comes from (our earth), people make a big deal about dating the same sex. She assumes it's because there's just not enough room for another form of prejudice on top of all the other rampant prejudices that the world experiences via it's literal dog eat dog nature... But it's far more likely this is a hold over from evolution. There are over 1000 species that demonstrate homosexual behaviour, from male penguins raising eggs together, to giraffes partnering with the same gender. Humans are the only ones who have a problem with it. So a world dominated by different animals instead of humans just wouldn't care.
  • Fridge Horror:
    • The fact that hunting, killing, and eating other sentient beings is routine in this world is regarded as ordinary and acceptable. Starting in 2010, Kell herself runs a company dedicated to doing this as efficiently and widely as possible. On its face, this should be a horror worse than the Holocaust. The strip plays all of this for light comedy.
    • Not to mention that it's perfectly acceptable for a CEO to be eaten alive by anyone who wants to succeed the position. And it is in fact the normal way of doing things, to the extent that letting a defeated foe live is unheard of. Furthermore, older strips joke about workers being "fired" actually being killed and Kell is unusual for getting let go without being devoured.
    • With the inclusion of athletics and especially the Olympics in recent comics, the continued references to predation seem to imply that the losers of an event could end up eaten. Very jarring when applied to how human athletes are treated, especially in one instance where it looks like they actually off the winners. That just gets confusing.
  • Fridge Logic: One recurring background couple is a male donkey and a female elephant who are in a relationship - they attend the same interspecies relationship group that the title characters attend, and they're later shown at the same interspecies birthing class that George and Danielle attend. However, if you move beyond the obvious joke about American politics, it shouldn't be that controversial of a couple - donkeys and elephants are both herbivores. They're much closer in terms of diet than, for example, Rudy and Fiona are.
    • It's possible that beyond the joke, they both realize that their support of the more controversial couples will boost moral. Or that they're from families that are extremely strict about dating outside your species.