Heartwarming: Kevin & Kell

  • Lindesfarne, after learning that Chertsey Ealing, the actual princess, ran away from home after her adoptive parents divorced, immediately goes and carefully gives Kevin a hug out of love and gratitude before arranging for Chertsey to be exposed as princess, giving her a home and a family.
  • The buzzards' tribute to Kell's father at his funeral.
  • This comic, from right after Fiona's parents divorce.
  • Even after all he's done, Rudy and Fiona still help Vin escape, and a year later he finally gets a happy ending.
  • When Angelique came to Lindsfarne's graduation and showed she wasn't an Evil Matriarch.
  • The human Danielle, now changed into her rabbit counterpart in that world, is having trouble fitting in considering that she is still an omnivore that freaks out nearly everyone when she forgets to hide it. Looking for a kindred spirit, she finds young Coney, a bunny kitten who is a carnivore herself. Cradling her when the kitten is sleeping peacefully on her lap, Danielle notes "Psst, You have a human soul in there too, don't you? In that case, I'll stay."
  • During the time when she's almost blinded by Ray, Tammy becomes closer to him, and the two start actually falling in love, rather than Tammy using Ray for his light.
  • After Kel is removed as CEO of Herd Thinner's inc. What looks like the whole staff leaves right behind her.