Tear Jerker / Kevin & Kell

  • The original Danielle Kindle's Heroic Sacrifice and funeral.
    George Fennec: And people asked why I paid for a marker made of a conductive metal...
  • Finding out why Ralph can't hunt.
    Ralph: I began teasing my prey... talking to her... Next thing we knew, we were secretly in love...and expecting!
    Corrie: She died giving birth to me?
  • The fight between Rudy and Bruno after Bruno comes out as trans-diet. The fight sequence has no dialogue, and each panel is half dedicated to the fight, with the other half showing their first meeting as babies and their decision to be friends forever. The final panel delivers a punchline, but it's heartbreaking nonetheless.
    • Put it in a real world context with the implications, it becomes much worse.
  • Kell gets fired as CEO of Herd Thinners, and there's one specific individual she needs to see before anyone else.
    • The whole process leading up to Kell being fired was an awful and painful Reality Ensues moment. Her idealistic ideas were to create a company that not only employed the entire food chain, but also worked to make lives better for everyone. And like with so many well meaning businesses, it was shattered because of greedy execs more loyal to old ideas than their fellows. (The pain is lessened slightly since she was able to found Dewclaw's fine meats alongside the two hundred plus employees of Herd Thinners who left with her out of loyalty, showing that her ideals, though they may seem out of place in a judgemental world of predator and prey, have had an impact.)