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Fridge: Die Hard
  • If Sgt. Al Powell is assigned to a desk job, why is he driving around in a patrol vehicle and responding to calls?
    • The impression I got was he was on his way home at the end of the shift, happened to be in the area for what was pitched to him as a milk-run, and decided to check it out real quick and head home.
  • In Die Hard With a Vengeance, McClane and Zeus defuse a bomb in a park, and then carry it with them because some kids might be hurt. When they hand it over to the bad guys' Mooks, posing as cops, one starts to leave it behind when they're called back to base, only for his partner to berate him for leaving it where it could hurt some kids. When it later turns out the bomb planted in a school was a distraction, Simon points out that he could never hurt children, as he's not a monster.Tropers.Jonn
    • Also note that the bombs he *does* set off are in a storefront before business hours and in the subway station under Wall Street, neither of which would likely have any kids in it on a work day.
    • However, when the first fake cop is finished berating his friend for considering leaving it, they take it with them. They later use this bomb to blow up the dam, flooding the aqueduct. It was a live bomb. Simon may be a monster after all. That said, he may have anticipated the Good Samaritan's actions.
      • Think of Simon's plan: he wants McClane to succeed all the way, only failing at the near impossible task of cutting across town to reach the destination train station. As part of this plan, the bomb's not going to go off, is it? —Tropers.wkz
  • Why does the electromagnetic lock from the first movie open when the power is cut? It would make a lot more sense to design it to remain closed unless power is applied to it.
    • Electromagnets are only magnetic because of electricity, so if you cut off the power, then there is nothing to keep the electromagnet sealed.
    • The electromagnetic lock was the only lock that was still working. Theo had gotten through or past all the rest of them. So when the power stops going to the electromagnetic lock, that means all the locks are open, so they can get through.
    • I think the original poster's question is more, why did it withdraw when the power was cut? Nobody was pushing it aside, it slid open on its own. Which ought to require power for whatever motor normally moves the thing. If there's enough backup power for that motor (not to mention the alarms and flashing lights), the vault's designers really should've directed it to keeping the electromagnets on during a blackout.
      • Could be a safety backup. If there was no power, someone could get trapped in it.
  • If Hans is able to effortlessly speak English with a perfect American accent, why does he bother speaking in a German accent at all? No one I know prefers to sound accented in any non-native language.
    • Speaking in an American accent takes effort, speaking with his normal accent does not.
    • Why didn't they get Alan Rickman to do a German accent properly anyhow (he's obviously good with accents?) It's really distracting to have Hans Gruber sound so British, even if it is handwaved with him going to school in England.
      • He actually sounds a lot like most Germans who learn to speak English well without much of a German accent do.
    • Hans criticizes American culture and society numerous times throughout the movie. Why would he use the accent of a country he clearly doesn't like too much?
      • That's an easy one - when he speaks in his American accent, it is for the sole purpose of trying to make McClane think he works there.
  • How are Hans & co planning to exchange all the (let alone one) 100 000 $ papers without people noticing?
    • Easy, Hans stated in the movie the true "treasure" they are looking behind Nakatomi´s safe is not money in regular paper nor the samurai armor and other japanese relics from Takagi´s personal collection XD, they are after the $640 millions in bearer bonds. This is an economic issue: bearer bonds are different from "normal" (registered) bonds since no records are kept of the buyer/owner, or the transactions made with them (like if you sell one of them to another private investor, even in a dark backalley), and they must be honored (paid) by the issuer up-front cash with no further questions. A smart move from Hans... (and this is why now bearer bonds are prohibited in most countries in the world, and all transactions with bonds and similar papers need to be registered, also as an anti-money laundering measure)
    • To add to this, bearer bonds were only issued in sums of $10,000 or less.
  • So in Good Day to Die Hard, the bad guys have a seemingly magical chemical that can somehow eliminate radiation in an area to the point of being able to breathe and walk around without gas masks or protective suits. If that sort of chemical existed, whoever invented it should get the Nobel prize because that would eliminate all the nuclear waste and contamination problems in the world ever.
    • There IS a gas called Brown's Gas that is capable of accelerating the rate at which radiation decays, reducing the amount of time before the area is safe to be outside of a hazmat suit, but it does not work NEARLY the same way as was shown in the movie. scientists estimate that it will be 20,000 years before the area around chernobyl becomes habitable again, and if Brown's Gas were used then it would reduce that time... to a few hundred or a few thousand years, This Troper is not sure how much it would accelerate the decay. And even if it DID work the way it was shown in the movie, they would need to spray ALL of Chernobyl and the entire surrounding area with that spray, not just the small area we were shown, an operation that would take weeks or months without a crop duster and a huge crew of people.
      • Also, the claims that Brown's Gas can even do this are somewhat disputed, after looking a few things up on google, I found that it's wikipedia page lists this under "Fringe Science." There were several sites that said the gas CAN be used this way, but none of them looked like trustworthy sites.
  • As pointed out by Cinema Sins: "Nakatomi has $640 MILLION in bearer bonds? After the Fiscal Responsibility Act was passed in 1982? After this revelation I'm not sure John McClane is killing the right people in this movie. I mean sure, Hans Gruber aand his crew are a bunch of murderous thieves, but what kind of shit is Nakatomi involved with?"
    • If you listen to Gruber when he is talking to Takagi, he mentions that the amount represents only 3 or 4 days working capital for the corporation. Why they would keep it in bearer bonds, which is as good as cash, is what's a really bad decision.

Fridge Brilliance

  • How does John know Bill Clay is a Line-of-Sight Name? Because Clay, WM is from the 29th floor, in a blink and you miss it moment, it's mentioned by the receptionist that the only people on the building are all from the 30th.
    • Technically, the receptionist said everyone was at the party on the 30th floor. No reason someone from the 29th floor couldn't have come upstairs to the party, considering they all work for the same company and Holly's assistant was welcome to attend, so it wasn't just for top-floor executives.
    • Also, "Bill" takes the empty cigarette pack and calmly puts it into his pocket. Someone in that situation would probably dropped the piece of trash on the (unfinished) floor, since he'd be too nervous to worry about littering.
    • He didn't have to know that "Bill Clay" was an assumed identity a priori. Handing him an unloaded weapon would have been a prudent test regardless of any suspicious clues.
    • Not to mention that someone who probably insisted on having his first name abbreviated Wm for William is then kind of unlikely to be introducing himself to someone he's never met before as Bill.
  • It just occurred to me that Argyle's being oblivious of what's going on for half the movie might be a bit of a subtle joke; in the early scenes he's actually remarkably observant; he immediately figures out John's marital situation despite John's reluctance to talk about it. John, a detective, actually compliments him on this.
    • He was also talking to his girlfriend, trying to get her to meet up with him, and raiding the mini-bar.
  • Before The Reveal in With a Vengeance, Simon claims that "all the gold in Fort Knox" couldn't make him stop. Then he robs the Federal Reserve Bank, which contains a substantially larger amount of gold in it.
  • In Die Hard, Gruber sees the model of the bridge outside Takagi's office and comments how he loved to put together models as a boy with adherence to exact details. This later is referred to when he says they planned for every conceivable scenario. Guess an estranged cop husband being at the party was inconceivable.
    • Had Holly been using her married name, the bad guys would have known about John beforehand.

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