Nightmare Fuel / Die Hard
  • Hans Gruber on the outside seems like a nice evil man, but in the inside lays an eviler man whose ultimate plan was to blow the roof where the hostages were during the FBI's tradeoff and walk away in the confusion.
  • Takagi's murder, where Hans blows his brains out when he fails to divulge the vault code. To make things worse, John sees the entire thing and was in no position to save his life.
    John: "Why the fuck didn't you stop them, John? Because then you'd be dead, too, asshole!"
  • John leaving Tony's body for the terrorists to find with a cryptic warning written across his shirt. Fritz's mortified expression as the elevator opens says it all.
  • Watch closely and you'll sometimes see bits of flesh come off the terrorists as McClane takes them out one by one.
  • John forced to escape through the vents, nearly falling to his death inside the main shaft. It was purely dumb luck that he was able to stop his fall before plunging to the bottom.
  • Ellis' murder. We see it coming it but the fact it shows that Hans is willing to kill someone "close" to John McClane just to prove a point.
  • John escaping the shootout and then dragging himself into a restroom as his foot leaves a huge trail of blood in its wake; not helped by the image of John removing the glass from his sole; Unsurprisingly, test audiences were reportedly horrified by this bit.
    • It gets even better later, when John leaps from the roof and slams against the glass, his bleeding foot leaving fresh smudges all over before he blasts his way back inside the exploding tower.
  • The music when Hans Gruber plummets to his death.
  • Karl is this through his entire pursuit of Mc Clane, Death Glare and everything. Especially chilling is his final attempt to kill John, where he absorbs about half a dozen slugs from Powell before he finally goes down.