Nightmare Fuel / Die Hard

Yes, even in the Die Hard film series, there is a great source of Nightmare Fuel. Die Hard 2 examples have been moved here.

Die Hard
  • Hans Gruber on the outside seems like a nice evil man, but in the inside lays an eviler man whose ultimate plan was to blow the roof where the hostages were during the FBI's tradeoff and walk away in the confusion.
  • Takagi's murder, where Hans blows his brains out when he fails to divulge the vault code. To make things worse, John sees the entire thing and was in no position to save his life.
  • John leaving Tony's body for the terrorists to find with a cryptic warning written across his shirt. Fritz's mortified expression as the elevator opens says it all.
  • Watch closely and you'll sometimes see bits of flesh come off the terrorists as McClane takes them out one by one.
  • John forced to escape through the vents, nearly falling to his death inside the main shaft. It was purely dumb luck that he was able to stop his fall before plunging to the bottom.
  • Ellis' murder. We see it coming it but the fact it shows that Hans is willing to kill someone "close" to John McClane just to prove a point.
  • John escaping the shootout and then dragging himself into a restroom as his foot leaves a huge trail of blood in its wake; not helped by the image of John removing the glass from his sole; Unsurprisingly, test audiences were reportedly horrified by this bit.
  • The music when Hans Gruber plummets to his death.

Die Hard 2

  • Colonel Stuart's Moral Event Horizon when he retaliates against the Dulles authorities for trying to override his control of the airport by deceiving a civilian airliner into descending too rapidly upon the darkened runway. Despite John's efforts to signal the incoming plane, it slams into the pavement, its passengers and pilots screaming as their plane erupts into a hellish inferno. Colonel Stuart's cold, emotionless demeanor through the entire thing reinforces the kind of monster John is dealing with.
  • O'Reilly pulling a Boom, Headshot on the approaching SWAT officer. Even more so in hindsight as he's played by Robert Patrick.
  • At the church when Mc Clane is held at knife point by one of Stuart's men, he defeats the mook by stabbing him in the eye with an icicle. His Death Scream at that moment is enough to send chills down anyone's spine.
  • Major Grant's betrayal, where he slashes the throat of the one soldier on his platoon who was completely unaware of his commanding officer's true loyalties. Not helping is that the young soldier is gasping for air and gagging as blood pours from his neck. Nobody else expresses anything more than at most half-hearted regret.
  • Major Grant's death, where Mc Clane knocks him into the turbine of the plane's engine, reducing him to a bloody pulp. John himself is rightly disturbed by the sight.
  • John and Stuart's battle atop the plane's wing. At one point, Stuart digs his knife into Mc Clane's soldier, followed up with Mc Clane biting off a piece of his hand.
  • Colonel Stuart's death; the terrorists believe they have finally won and make their escape on the jet, only for Mc Clane to light a trail of fuel leaking from the plane, causing the aircraft to erupt into a massive fireball in mid-air. And all the while we see a hellish white light flood the plane as the terrorists all scream as they vainly shield themselves from the flames. In all fairness though, their fate was completely deserved.

Die Hard With A Vengeance

  • The way Katya gleefully tears the helpless security guard apart with her dagger, and would not even let his mangled corpse fall to the floor until Simon stops her.
    • And the way she smiles while kills her other half by shooting him to death.
  • John and Zeus dispatch one of Simon's henchmen on the freighter by sending a crane flying his way. They are later seen dragging away the two halves of his body.

Live Free Or Die Hard / Die Hard 4.0

  • Gabriel opening both ends of a one-way tunnel that McClane and Farrell are traveling through, and then shutting the lights off. The man to whom he orders this actually hesitates. The ensuing wreckage likely killed or at least seriously injured dozens of innocent people.
    • Gabriel even berates the man for hesitating - not only does Gabriel see nothing wrong with this level of wanton destruction, he considers not wanting people to die a weakness.
  • Gabriel and his men broadcast their video message to the media, which is made by splicing clips of dialogue from speeches given by every single President from FDR up to George W. Bush. Here's a transcript:
    [We hear "Hail to the Chief" played over an image of an American flag. Suddenly, the music slows down and loses pitch]
    John F. Kennedy: My fellow Americans:
    Ronald Reagan: It is time to
    Harry Truman: strike
    George W. Bush: fear
    George H. W. Bush: into
    Franklin Roosevelt: the minds of
    George W. Bush: the citizenry.
    John F. Kennedy: Ask not what your country can do
    George W. Bush: to avert
    Bill Clinton: this
    Jimmy Carter: crisis. The answer is
    Harry Truman: nothing whatsoever.
    George W. Bush: Our military
    Ronald Reagan: strength
    Richard Nixon: is
    Ronald Reagan: in
    Bill Clinton: this
    George W. Bush: case
    Franklin D. Roosevelt: useless!
    George H. W. Bush: Read my lips:
    Ronald Reagan: The
    George W. Bush: great
    Jimmy Carter: confident
    Richard Nixon: roar
    George W. Bush: of
    Ronald Reagan: the American
    Ronald Reagan: progress
    Lyndon B. Johnson: and
    Gerald Ford: growth
    George W. Bush: has
    Franklin D. Roosevelt: come
    Harry Truman: to
    Richard Nixon: an end.
    George W. Bush: All the
    Harry Truman: vital
    Bill Clinton: technology
    Richard Nixon: that
    George W. Bush: this
    Lyndon B. Johnson: nation
    Gerald Ford: holds
    Franklin Roosevelt: dear -
    John F. Kennedy: all
    Bill Clinton: communication,
    Gerald Ford: transportation,
    Bill Clinton: Internet
    Bill Clinton: connectivity,
    George W. Bush: electrical
    George W. Bush: power,
    John F. Kennedy: critical
    Bill Clinton: utilities -
    Lyndon B. Johnson: Their
    Ronald Reagan: fate
    George W. Bush: now
    Franklin Roosevelt: rests
    Ronald Reagan: in
    Richard Nixon: our
    George W. Bush: hands.
    George W. Bush: We will not tire. We will not falter. And we will not fail.
    George W. Bush: Thank you.
    Richard Nixon: And a
    George W. Bush: happy
    George W. Bush: Independence Day
    Dwight D. Eisenhower: to everyone.
    [the footage ends]
    Casper: [impressed] That was creepy!
    Trey: I tried to find more Nixon.
  • Then there's the message Trey writes, overlapped with an image of the Capitol Building, which then blows up.