Fridge / Better Days

Fridge Horror
  • Fisk becomes an assassin working for a privately funded vigilante group operating outside the government without much hesitation even though he is still haunted by war flashbacks. Think about it: everything he has seen, experienced, and been exposed to at this point. All the childhood trauma he suffered through, all the death he saw during the war. And while Original Life makes him out to be understanding and good with his children, he is also often absent for months at a time and occasionally treats them with a fond detachment that seems healthy as opposed to micromanaging them, but might stem from something a lot darker...
    • When it comes to being a parent, Fisk's mother was pretty hands off as well when it comes to determining their activities (allowing, but not encouraging or discouraging, behavior that would be considered very unhealthy such as Lucy's frequent sexual escapades at the age of fourteen). She seems to have passed this on to her children, as Lucy's reaction to the thought of her twelve year old son masturbating is that he had better not use any of her good towels.