Heartwarming / Better Days

Like with the Crowning Moment of Funny page, while Better Days is a comic so full of drama (and how!), it also has its heartwarming moments as well.
  • For example, pretty much all of the ‘Reconciliation’ Arc, which ties up the loose end of what happened with Nikki after she was put into foster-care and gives her a happy ending where she’s using her second chance to help people. It also provides us with this line:
    Soldier (to Fisk, exiting the medical barracks): Hey, did you get that wound patched up?
    Fisk: Beat (Smiles) For the most part, yeah.
  • From the second to last arc, ‘Men and Women’... Well, most of it, really. Aside from Elizabeth finding out her husband is cheating on her, much of the arc consists of everyone figuring out that what they want the most out of life is the people that make them happy. This especially applies to Elizabeth and Fisk, considering how long it’s taken them to get to the point where they realize that they're meant for one another. Elizabeth finally starts considering her own feelings in terms of how she lives her life, instead of constantly worrying about what others will think, and divorces David, wanting no drama, no allimony, nothing but a good clean break. And when he asks her how she can be so calm about all this?
    Elizabeth (crying happily): Because I’m happy. I know what I want to do, and I'm doing it. I'm happy for the first time ever.
    • The best parts of the arc, at least in terms of the happy couples that is, are best encapsulated here. Spoilers abound though.
    • In regards to Elizabeth’s bad day she’s having, Lucy helps snap her out of the mindset she’s in, thinking of everyone else' opinions over her own, reminding her that she’s the one who lives her life, not her parents or anyone else. Its very touching to see her be there for her like that, and it reminds the readers of how close the two are as childhood friends. Friends are there for you when you need them, no matter what, especially when you need a good wake up call and a shoulder to cry on.
    Elizabeth: What’s it matter?! I can't divorce David! My mother would be devastated!
    Lucy: Elizabeth! You're my friend and I love you, but that’s bullshit! You know when Beth starts talking all philosophical and we barely know what the Hell she’s saying? I'm starting to understand! Your mother doesn't live your life! She doesn't live with your decisions! You do! She doesn't wear your fur! She doesn't fuck your husband... Why do you make your most important decisions with the least consideration for the one who has to live with them? You!
    Elizabeth (crying): Oh God... Lucy’s right. I've spent my life worrying about everyone’s happiness, but my own! I almost started a family with someone I didn't love!
    Friend of both girls: What're you going to do?
    Elizabeth: I don’t know.
    Lucy: I'll tell you what she’s going to do! She’s going to have fun with her friends and forget about David for the weekend!