Fridge / Bambi

Fridge Horror
  • Let's start with the obvious fate of Bambi's mother's body.
  • Thumper from Bambi is supposed to have five sisters, but for some reason, in the Direct-to-Video midquel he now only has four sisters! Looks like Bambi's mother isn't the only one that didn't survive the winter...
  • Watching the Great Prince walk away at the end takes on a new meaning when you realize that in the novel he wonders off by himself to die. Probably to a deer graveyard
  • Watching Friend Owl shoo away the forest animals to give newborn Bambi a chance to rest is slightly creepy (but mostly just funny) knowing that he could successfully eat several of them. The chipmunk's disturbed expression in particular makes you wonder if the Carnivore Confusion was being silently contemplated by some of the smaller animals.
  • What's horrific about Bambi is that the threat of the hunters never disappears. They can show up at any time in their attempts to murder anybody unless of course, they were killed in the camp fire, which some fans imply.
    • It becomes quite unsettling in Bambi II, where Bambi is lured into a trap in the middle of the day only because his father looked away, and Bambi's would-be surrogate mother sets off a trap which prompts a group of hunter dogs to emerge only because she was lightly shoved into a bush.
  • Ronno's darkly presence in the original film only comes off creepier if you take the midquel's Character Development into mind. As a kid, Ronno feel victim to Always Someone Better against Bambi, becoming more and more obsessed with proving better than him, and even managing to take on a genuinely creepy presence when he goads him into a fight in the climax. His adult form is the result of his obsessive rivalry with Bambi embittering him into a grim sinister antagonist, willing to take possession of Feline (and even pull what almost comes off as Attempted Rape) if it gives him any means of besting him at last.
    • One has to wonder if the last defeat he suffered will cause him to snap even further. Will he continue with this obsession and with his stalking of Faline? Now that both she and Bambi are parents, this can lead to a severe case of Adult Fear: the creepy bully who hasn´t let go of his grudge towards your lover, who has had for the longest time an obsessive crush on you, AND who has become a LOT more dangerous over the years might just be thinking of taking revenge on your children...
    • Well, if you believe he survived that forest fire, anyway. After all, he is nowhere to be seen again in the first movie...
  • Bambi bucks a dog in the jaw. What if its dislocated?

Fridge Brilliance
  • The deer call in the sequel. From a deer's perspective, it sounds like a soft, feminine voice calling out things such as "I'm here" and "Helloooo?" The brilliance comes in when you listen closely — there's a seductive note to it, but in a way that's very "off." It sounds exactly like a tool designed by humans to lure in large bucks might be expected to sound.
  • When they appear for the last time in the movie, the hunters act like trigger-happy lunatics and complete amateurs in outdoor survival. Not only do they leave their campfire unattended, they try to shoot every single species of animal in the forest, even the smallest ones like chipmunks. This may be because they are different than the hunter(s) who killed Bambi´s mother. Sure, to the animals of the forest, every human is "Man" but that doesn't mean that it is always the same human, or group of humans, that comes to the forest to hunt. For all we know, the "hunters" who started the forest fire could have been just a group of typical dumb teens taking their father's weapons and having fun with them.
    • This can also count as Fridge Horror. This means that those hunters could easily be a VERY sadistic group of poachers who are taking every animal they can shoot. Plus, there is the presence of the hunting dog pack. The dogs themselves look and act deranged, meaning they must have been trained to follow their master's orders to "kill everything that moves".