Awesome / Bambi

The Disney films

  • After escaping a pack of dogs and protecting Faline from them, Bambi gets shot. He gets back up. Yes, it took his father to goad him into it, like a coach calling his champion a "bum" to get him moving, but the idea is that he gets up and still manages to outrun a forest fire.
  • "Little April Shower" may be the CMOA for the Disney animation team. Its breathtaking animation of raindrops was not matched until the computer animated storm in The Little Mermaid. The scene of raindrops tracing their paths on a multitude of leaves, each animated separately with dozens upon dozens of individual tracks is jawdropping, especially when you remember each image was painstakingly drawn and painted by hand.
    • Even cooler when you realize that a bunch of the artists went camping in Baxter State Park in Maine in order to get the landscape they way they wanted it. The clearing where Bambi was born actually existed; it will have changed by now, but the spot can still be found.
    • Also the midquel surprisingly enough. After Disney's long run of cheap looking low budget animated sequels, they bothered to make Bambi's a proper return to form with some equally lush animation and landscapes. So much in fact that several regions such as the UK found it worthy enough to be released in theatres.
  • Bambi -vs- half-feral dog pack. One... what, two-year-old stag? Against at least twenty huge, powerful dogs. (Plus, it's late spring/early summer, which means his antlers should still have been in velvet; but then his father was still in hard antler in late winter, so...) Bambi wins. And sends most of them off yelping. The ones who didn't, he lured into chasing him and then buried under a rockslide.
    • Something should be said for his entrance in that scene, too. You see Faline, who was clever enough to climb onto a mostly-inaccessible ledge, nevertheless trapped and calling for help—and then Bambi comes charging out of goddamned nowhere and scatters the pack like they're puppies. He puts the fear of god into those dogs.
  • The Bambi -vs- Ronno fight scenes from both the original and midquel are pretty epic; the child forms' scuffle from the latter may get extra credit for giving Disney's icon of cutesiness an actual Berserk Button.
    Ronno: It's a shame you have a dad that's so ashamed of you, he'd give you away...
    [Bambi turns and rams him into the ground]
    • Adds to how imposing Ronno is in the first film in hindsight. Not only is he stronger and far more sinister now, but he even anticipates the same trick coming this time round and flips Bambi over his head when he tries to ram him again.
  • Following that, after his potential stepmom Mena gets caught in a hunting trap, Bambi refuses the plead to escape and lures a pack of scary dogs out of her reach, getting taken out one by one (the final one perhaps gets special mentioning, after finally cornering Bambi on a cliff ledge and staring him down with its teeth bared, before getting buck-kicked by the latter off the ledge).
    • Made even cooler by the fact that Mena's plea to Bambi to save himself were said with the exact same words Bambi's mother used right before she died. That inspired him to not let someone else die for his sake again.
    • The best part: Bambi starts to run, and then he hears what Mena's saying, and the look on his face is nothing short of chilling.
      "Run, Bambi! Don't look back! Keep running! Keep running!"
      • And then this absolutely adorable, terrified little fawn stops cold and gets this look on his face that just says "...No". What makes it truly a CMOA isn't that he led the dogs off; it's that throughout the movie it's been made clear that ever since his mother's death, Bambi has had a crippling fear of humans and anything connected to humans—like dogs. And he still stops, turns around, and takes roughly seveteen and a half levels in badass.
    • Note that nearly every manner he takes out a dog is a hark back to something he learned earlier, proving he learned from his father's teachings as well as from past experiences to become capable.
    • It also makes him fighting the dog pack in the original movie even more awesome than ever. Dogs are one of his greatest fears, but he loves Faline enough that he doesn't even hesitate. There's no fear in adult!Bambi's eyes; he's just pissed.
  • His revenge on the Grouchy Porcupine midway through, catapulting him as a projectile for one of the dogs.
    Porcupine: Well, well, well, look who's here. Looks like someone didn't learn their lesson!
    Bambi: I learned plenty!
    (Steps on a piece of bark, launching the Porcupine into the air, landing on one of the dogs; the dog yelps in pain before flinging the Porcupine, sending him landing right on his back, his quills leaving him stuck on the log)
  • When Thumper and Flower notice Bambi chased by the dogs and Thumper tells Flower to make his "brave face". And Flower sprays one of the dogs with his skunk spray, leaving Bambi with one less enemy to face.
    Thumper: Look! It's Bambi! (both see the dogs charging, the two of them dive behind a bush) We gotta help him! Make your brave face!
    Flower: This one? Grr!
    Thumper: Braver!
    Flower: This one? Grr!!
    Thumper: No, no, no! Make the bravest face you've ever made in your whole life!
    Flower: This one? GRRRR!!! (sprays his musk at one of the dogs, sending him yelping away)
    Thumper: (holding his nose) That's the one!
    (Flower grins triumphantly)
  • The remaining two dogs Bambi hides from in the tall grass of the open meadow. They start to close in on him, but, by hearing their movement through the ground vibrations under him (as the Great Prince had taught him earlier), he manages to split second avoid them and make them knock into each other.
  • Our first introduction to Bambi's father, watching out for him.
    • The last time we see Bambi in the first movie - looking at his wife Faline and his newborn children from afar, atop the same cliff his father stood on at the beginning. Awesome Bookends indeed.
    • While it's doubtless the Great Prince is awesome in the first movie, in the midquel we fully see him in action, taking on a pack of hunting dogs to save Bambi. Being voiced by Patrick Stewart this time round helps a good deal too.
    • The midquel puts emphasis on the fact the Great Prince is keeping close eye on the whole forest, and it damn well shows. He is always only ever one step behind Man whenever they attack, saving Bambi just in time in the first instance, and freeing Mena from her trap only seconds after Bambi leads away the dogs in the second instance.