Fridge / asdfmovie

Fridge Brilliance:

  • If one watched "The Funniest Thing You've Ever Seen From Really Far Away" with the volume turned all the way up and the image zoomed in, you might decide "no, that wasn't the funniest thing I've seen." But you likely haven't seen many skits take place from very far away. Therefore, it's the funniest thing you've ever seen from really far away.
  • Due to just how strange the Do The Flop Guy's story is, you might not notice that the song is a vague retelling of the stories of many real life viral stars. Do The Flop Guy becomes famous on accident and the world becomes obsessed with his bit. When he tries to break away by doing a variation on it, he is unsuccessful and ultimately can only make his fans happy by doing the same thing. Of course, the context is completely bizarre.
  • The Deliberately Monochrome stick-figure look serves the material brilliantly because anything more complicated would distract from the utter weirdness of the jokes. The look isn't what matters, it's the jokes. Besides, plenty of gags like "Oh you stole my lungs" would be Body Horror if the people looked at all realistic.
    • This arguably becomes Ascended Fridge Brilliance (or Horror) in movie 10, where one gag has two fantastically modelled and animated 3D figures deciding to deliberately return to the monochrome 2D style, declaring "This is better." Probably for the best, because otherwise they start to resemble 173.
  • Could also qualify as Fridge Horror depending on your perspective, but in movie 8 a woman complains about how bad her date with a baby is. In 9, we see a mother deciding that she and her son are Better as Friends. Could it be that there's a connection?
  • The sauropod dinosaur who claims to be a "Stegosaurus" makes marginally more sense when you consider that real-life sauropods had pitifully small brains.