Film / The Shape of Things to Come

H G Wells' The Shape of Things to Come is a 1979 science fiction film, directed by George McCowan and starring Jack Palance, that owes little other than its title to H. G. Wells's novel The Shape of Things to Come, or the 1936 movie Things to Come.

With the earth rendered all but uninhabitable due to the "Robot Wars" and resultant plague, humankind has colonized the moon with a tres-'70s discotastic society. Enter Omus (Palance), who has overthrown an outlying drug-mining colony and who wants to be installed as president and dictator-for-life of the human race; to this end, he crashes a robot-piloted ore ship into the moon colony, warning that drug shipments (apparently necessary for human survival, due to The Plague) will cease if he is not appeased.

There are only three people who seem to think that standing up to Omus is a good idea: John Caball (Barry Morse), an old colleague of the villain; his Skywalker-ish son Jason (Nicholas Campbell); and Jason's girlfriend Kim (Eddie Benton), the daughter of a senator. Adding to the mix is the robot pilot, whom Kim repaired and reprogrammed after the crash so as to become an ally — and gaining the ability to teleport in the process. These four brave souls steal an experimental starship (which looks suspiciously like the USS Enterprise after being hit with a steamroller) and set out on a series of mini-adventures to stop the Evil Omus once and for all.

The film has garnerned the nickname "Blinky Blinky", due to the constant blinking lights on all the computer stuff in the background of every scene.

This film provides examples of: