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Film: Righteous Kill
Stand aside, Heat.

Pacino. DeNiro. NYPD.

Detectives "Turk" and "Rooster" are two of the best detectives on the force. "Turk" coaches softball, "Rooster" is a chess genius. Both are good cops.

But after "Turk" plants evidence that lands a child killer in jail, suspects they've had run-ins with start winding up dead with mysterious poems nearby, the chase is on for a vigilante serial killer with a thirst for righteousness.

Pre-release it was hoped that the film would revive its stars' faltering credibility, as the last time they teamed up the world was gifted with the modern classic Heat. Alas, it did terribly both critically and commercially.

This film provides examples of:

  • Poetic Serial Killer: Leaving a hand-written poem at the scene is actually part of the killer's modus operandi.

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