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Film: Mighty Aphrodite
Woody Allen wrote, directed and starred in this 1995 comedy. When he discovers his adopted son is a genius, a New York sportswriter (played by Allen) seeks out the boy's birth mother: a prostitute.
This film provides examples of:
  • Author Avatar- Woody Allen as Lenny
  • Brainless Beauty- the Prositute.
  • Better as Friends- Lenny and the "film" star/prostitute.
  • Black Comedy
  • Doting Parent- Lenny often boasts about his son's intelligence, wondering why the Mother isn't like him.
  • Greek Chorus- Comments on Lenny's situation.
  • Kavorka Man- Lennny, because he was with the Prostitute and his wife.
  • No Social Skills- The prostitute gleefully and with no intentional malice calls Lenny a loser, which is the reason she's attracted to him, not the only innapropiate remark.
  • Pen Name- Lenny's film star interest has many humourous ones.
  • Punny Name- See Pen Name
  • The Ditz- The prositute and the her male Expy that Lenny set her up with, an onion farmer.
  • Would Hit a Girl- The onion farmer/boxer, much to his dismay.

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