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Film / Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful The Shogun And The 21 Core Medals

Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals is the summer movie of Kamen Rider OOO, shown alongside Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship.

Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Early-Bird Cameo: Not only does OOO's successor, Kamen Rider Fourze, make his first appearance in this movie, but so does one of the supporting cast members of his series. In this case, Yuki Jojima.
  • Enemy Mine: the Greeed offer their Core Medals in order to help OOO fight Gara's One-Winged Angel.
  • Fastball Special: Eiji gets fascinated when Fourze demonstrates his powers, until Fourze decides to use the Magic Hand Switch to throw OOO at Gara.
  • Genre Savvy: the GataKiriBa clones are taking too long to transform into the various combos (did they really have to do it one at a time?), so Gara tried attacking them, but the Core Medals used in the Transformation Sequence formed a barrier of sorts.
  • It Was a Gift: OOO receives the medals for his BuraKaWani combo from Tokugawa Yoshimune.