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Film: Just Imagine
Ahhh, the Eighties. Those were the days...

Buildings 250 stories high!…traffic on nine levels…rockets that shoot from star to star…airplanes that land on the roofs of buildings…a whole meal in a capsule that can be swallowed in one gulp… No — this isn't a Jules Verne dream induced by a Welsh rarebit. It's New York in 1980, as foretold in the new Fox picture, "Just Imagine!"
"Photoplay", November 1930

A big budget Science Fiction musical comedy, featuring the most impressive special effects seen up to that time. The animated model of New York was large enough to fill a zeppelin hanger and cost a quarter million dollars to build — and this during the Great Depression!

Unfortunately it was a complete flop.

In the distant future of 1980 marriages must be approved by the courts, based on ones' value to society. J-21 can't get permission to wed the beautiful LN-18 as his rival, the wealthy and arrogant MT-3, is more socially prominent. J-21 appeals the decision and is given six months to distinguish himself. As scientist Z-4 has just invented a Rocket Plane (e.g. spacecraft) J-21 volunteers to be the first man to fly it to Mars. His anachronistic friend Single-0 stows away on the Interplanetary Voyage in order to provide Plucky Comic Relief.

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alternative title(s): Just Imagine
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