Film / Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction is a 1991 sci-fi action film.

EVE VIII, a prototype war model gynoid is damaged on a field exercise and proceeds to go rogue. EVE, who was modelled after her creator Dr. Eve Simmons(Renée Soutendijk), is armed with a thermonuclear device that will detonate if not properly disposed. The army calls in their best counter-terrorism export Col. Jim McQuade (Gregory Hines) to stop EVE.

This film provides examples of:

  • Adult Fear: EVE gets into the home of her creator Dr. Eve Simmons by impersonating her, then kidnaps her young son and nearly gets him run over by a subway. The doctor's fear is palpable.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: EVE, a nuclear-armed combat gynoid, is damaged during a bank robbery gone wrong and goes on a rampage.
  • Alcoholic Parent: Dr. Eve Simmons' father was an abusive alcoholic who eventually killed her mother by pushing her into traffic. Because EVE is made in the doctor's likeness and implanted with her memories, she tracks "her" father down and kills him.
  • Ask a Stupid Question...: Counter-terrorist expert Jim McQuade is recruited by a scientist to hunt down a nuclear-armed android. At one point the scientist asks McQuade what his specialty is. Before telling his military credentials, McQuade snarks, "My specialty is a spinach lasagna in a tomato-basil sauce."
  • Bank Robbery: EVE and her handler are out on a field mission when they get caught in the middle of a bank robbery. The robbers kill EVE's handler and damage EVE herself, causing her to go into permanent combat mode.
  • Bond One-Liner: After Dr. Simmons and McQuade finally disable EVE right before the nuke inside her goes off.
    McQuade: Guess you finally found the fucking off-switch on her.
  • Colonel Badass: Colonel Jim McQuade to a realistic degree. An army veteran, expert marksman and counter-terrorism expert, he's the guy the government calls in to take down a rogue killer android.
  • Danger Room Cold Open: A group of commandos storm a compound to save a group of hostages, only to get themselves all killed by a hostage taker who disguised himself as one of the hostages. The man who played the part, their instructor Col. McQuade, reveals this to be a training scenario to prep his men for an ongoing real life hostage crisis, and his recruits abysmally failed the mission.
  • Eye Scream: The titular rogue android can only be killed through the eye, as the rest of the head containing her main processor is armored. Hines' character thought only one shot was needed, but ultimately both eyes needed to be attacked. Out of ammo after he shoots out one eye, he rams the barrel of his gun into the second eye.
  • Groin Attack: When EVE gets cold feet after propositiong a guy in a bar, she bites his dick off.
  • Lady in Red: Eve steals a red leather jacket from a clothing shop, which she later uses to seduce a bar patron.
  • Let Me Get This Straight: When Dr. Simmons realizes the pattern behind EVE's movements because her own memories were implanted in the gynoid, McQuade has to get it straight.
    Let me just get this straight—you're saying this device of yours acted out one of your teenage sex fantasies?
  • Moe Greene Special: McQuade shoots the titular rogue android in the eye to disable her, as the rest of her head is armored. Unlike what he thought, though, the shot doesn't stop her, so out of ammo he stabs her in the other eye with the barrel of his gun.
  • Race Against the Clock: After getting into a car crash, EVE's internal nuclear device is activated and set to go off within 24 hours. Col. Jim McQuade is pissed that his superiors didn't inform him of this before sending him out to catch her.