Film / Eyes Of An Angel

Eyes Of An Angel is a 1991 movie starring John Travolta. That is, a movie from the moot point of his career. But the real star is arguably the Dobberman Pinscher that the movie focuses on.

Travolta plays a down-on-his-luck guy named Bobby, who works hard (with gangsters) to earn a living for both himself and his sort-of adoptive daughter. Said daughter finds the aforementioned dog, who's in bad shape due to injuries sustained during a dog fight and being thrown into a river by its owner, and cares for it until it's fully recovered. The dog eventually begins following her home. However, Bobby won't have any of it, as he's gotten in trouble with gang leader Cissy, and both father and daughter have to run away from Chicago to California. The dog follows them.

This movie is hard to find on DVD, but it's available on Youtube. Here's part 1.

Tropes include: