Fanfic Recs / Hyouka

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Today She Holds His Gaze by Thundercow
  • Recommended by abandoban
  • Pairing: Mayaka/Satoshi
  • Synopsis: They grow older but don't grow up. — Mayaka, Satoshi, ten years too long and too short.

Queens Can't Sleep by thundercow
  • Recommended by abandoban
  • Pairing: Mayaka/Satoshi
  • Synopsis: "Stop." — Mayaka, Satoshi, bestselling shoujo, pink ties, early mornings and leaving everything behind.

Beyond the Lines by SlowQuotesQuill
  • Recommended by ringosatou17
  • Pairing: Oreki/Chitanda
  • Synopsis: It was the only unsolved crime that had haunted him these past two years—the apparent death, and disappearance, of Chitanda Eru. And now, finally out of Kamiyama High, nineteen-year-old Oreki Houtarou finds evidence that Eru may still be alive, and finally takes up the biggest mystery of his life—that of her absence from it.