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    The niece of time 
  • Episode 1, Satoshi's reaction when Houtarou shows him his club application form to the Classics Club is hilarious. His overreaction even draws attention from the other students in the room.
    Satoshi: What... No way... A club entry form?! You're joining a club?! And the Classics Club, at that!
    • This scene between Houtarou and Eru in the club room:
    Eru: I joined the Classics Club, so I came to introduce myself.
    In Houtarou's mind: Eru's voice echoing I joined the Classics Club... I joined the Classics Club...
    Houtarou: (with a dismayed expression) The Classics Club? Why would you do that?
    • When Houtarou introduces Satoshi to Eru:
    Houtarou: Fukube Satoshi. A pseudo-human.
  • Episode 2, after Eru and Houtarou do not find the anthologies in the club room.
    Eru: Maybe they're in the library. Let's go! (walks to the door)
    Houtarou: (continues to slump on the table)
    Eru: (goes back) What are you doing? You're coming too, Oreki-san. Come on. (drags him out by the wrist)
    • This exchange between Mayaka and Houtarou in the library:
    Mayaka: This is a sanctuary for culture. It's not a place for someone like you.
    Houtarou: So you're saying it's a place for you? That's marvelous.
    • Made extra funny by their snarky tones.
    • And afterwards, Satoshi joins the fun.
    Satoshi: You guys are getting along great, as usual. I'd expect nothing less from Kaburaya Middle's Best Couple!
    Houtarou: Shut it.
    Mayaka: I'd rather date a slug than this sulky bum.
    Houtarou: ...A slug?
    • And this scene:
    Mayaka: Oreki, feel like using your head for once?
    Houtarou: (very quickly) No.
    Eru: (at almost the same time) What might this be about?
    • When Houtarou attempts to walk away after this, Eru drags him back, sweeping him off his feet with comedic effect.
    • Also, this scene at the end of the episode, in the cafe:
    Houtarou: (impatiently) So, what did you want?
    Eru: Pardon?
    Houtarou: Why did you call me out to this cafe?
    Eru: (looks around uncertainly) But you picked out the cafe...
    Houtarou: (gets up dramatically) I'm going home.
    Eru: (waves arms) P-Please wait!
  • The beginning sequence of Episode 3, which was a continuation of the last scene of the previous episode. Houtarou is already half-expecting Eru to make a confession of the romantic sort, when:
    Eru: Um, I... (drama intensifies) I have a favor I'd like to ask of you!
    Houtarou: Eh? Uh... Eh? A favor?
    • Later, Eru tries to convince Tougaito to let them into the Biology classroom, or else they would have to try searching the entire school for the anthologies. Houtarou has a suitably horrified reaction to this.
  • Episode 4, when Houtarou waits for Satoshi on his bicycle. Then he arrives with a particularly flashy entrance.
    Satoshi: (brightly, complete with a blush) Sorry, honey! Did I keep you waiting?
    (camera cuts to Houtarou kicking Satoshi's bicycle away, as though saying, "I don't know this person!")
    Satoshi: (annoyed) What's up with you, Houtarou?
    Houtarou: Shut up! Do you have any sense of shame?

    Why didn't she ask EBA? 
  • Episode 8, The class film.
    Eru: What about Oreki-san?
    Satoshi: He'd be Strength, of course.
    Eru: Oh, really? I think the Star would suit him.
    Satoshi: No, definitely Strength. It fits him perfectly.
    Houtarou: I'm guessing that's not a compliment.
    • The next day, Houtarou goes out of the house to go to school, but immediately goes back inside because of the heat. Then the doorbell rings. Who was it? Of course, Chitanda Eru.
    Eru: Good morning! I came to meet you.
    Houtarou: This young lady is unbelievable.
    • This bit of conversation with Eba Kurako, about the movie.
    Satoshi: And what were you in charge of, Eba-san?
    Kurako: I didn't take part in the project. It didn't interest me.
    In Houtarou's mind: I like that answer.
  • Episode 9, everyone's reactions to the whiskey chocolates.
    Satoshi: So strong!
    • And the fact that Eru did not react as adversely as the others. Houtarou notices this.
    • Eru getting progressively more intoxicated as she consumes almost a whole box of whiskey chocolates.
    • Houtarou's incredibly blunt lampshading of Eru being intoxicated when she leans over his shoulder to read the script deserves a mention, too. Not to mention Eru abruptly faceplanting into the table later.
  • Episode 10, when Satoshi seems amazed that Houtarou will go to school voluntarily because of a request from Irisu:
    Houtarou: Oreki Houtarou is a passionate and honorable man.
    Satoshi: I don't think I heard that right. Say that again?
    • And Mayaka's reaction to Houtarou's coming to school is not to be missed.
    Mayaka: It's summer break and Oreki came to school of his own accord?!
    Houtarou: Is there something wrong with me coming?
    Mayaka: Of course! It's like the calm before the storm of the century...
    • While Mayaka is criticizing the bad camerawork of the movie and pointing out every scene that she felt should have been shot differently:
    Satoshi: (tentatively) I think that's enough.
    Mayaka: (curiously) Why?
    Houtarou: (with a severe tone) There's no end to it.
    • And a few moments after that, someone suddenly barges in the club room:
    Yamauchi: (angrily) I found you, Fukube! So you're playing around in a place like this?
    Satoshi: (trying to be casual) Hey there, Yamauchi-kun! Welcome. (Yamauchi grabs him) Hey, could you not get violent?
    (results in an exchange that reveals that Satoshi was supposed to be attending make-up tests)
    (camera cuts to Satoshi being detached from the door by Yamauchi)
    Satoshi: NO! I want to know the secret! The locked roooom! (disappears)
    • And the other two's reactions to this.
    Mayaka: He's gone.
    Houtarou: (deadpan, as was custom) Is he stupid?
    • And immediately after this, Satoshi runs back to the room and collapses dramatically on the floor.
    Satoshi: I'm sorry, Houtarou. I can't escape from the long arm of the law. Since it has come to this... (raises notebook in Houtarou's direction) think of this notebook as me.
    (Yamaguchi comes back and drags him by the collar)
    Satoshi: (sounding like a bratty kid) Okay, okay! I'm going!
  • Episode 11, when Houtarou was reading about the archetypes of the Tarot cards. He reads the entry for Strength ("inner strength, perseverance, comprehension") and complains that he doesn't fit the archetype at all. Then he reads the description of the card below.
    (the faces of Fuyumi, Eru, and the letter from Tomoe flash in his mind)
    Houtarou: (angrily) Damn it, Satoshi! They're not controlling me! Not my sister, not Chitanda, and not Irisu!
    (tosses the book aside, lies down on the bed, and muses to himself)
    Houtarou: (resignedly) ...I might be Strength.

    Episode 11.5, the OVA 
  • The opening scene, where Houtarou discovers that Tomoe has already arrived home. Tomoe immediately demands a welcome after stepping out of the shower.
    Tomoe: (dramatically) Feel free to leap into my arms!
    Houtarou: ...No thanks.
  • Another scene:
    Houtarou: A present from South America?
    (stares at the painted face of the souvenir with an incredulous expression)
    Tomoe: Yeah. You wanted one, right?
    Houtarou: (in an undertone) Not really.
  • And one more:
    Tomoe: You look like you have some free time.
    Houtarou: But I do have plans.
    Tomoe: (dubiously) Plans? Like what?
    Houtarou: Napping.
  • It's fearful (and hilarious) how Tomoe can decipher the sounds Houtarou makes after years of being siblings. Example from the scene when she asks him about the part-time job:
    Tomoe: How about it?
    (Houtarou makes a non-committal sound)
    Tomoe: Want to do it? Maybe not?
    (Houtarou makes another non-committal sound)
    Tomoe: Okay, that's settled then! I'll tell them you'll do it.
    • Or maybe she also knows that Houtarou can't refuse her anything, seeing his fear of her aikido and taiho-jutsu skills...
    • Also, Houtarou making this exact same non-committal sound numerous times throughout the episode.
  • Also when Satoshi finds out about Houtarou's part-time work over the phone:
    Satoshi: (shocked voice) Work? You?
    (Houtarou takes the phone inches away from his ear)
    Satoshi: (still yelling) What's gotten into you?

    Welcome to KANYA FESTA! 
  • Episode 12, Satoshi's Saturn outfit.
    • GALAXY!
    • While Satoshi was trying to cheer Mayaka up, still in his outrageous outfit (although without the huge Saturn on his head this time), Houtarou gets many opportunities to showcase his trademark snark.
    Satoshi: (sympathetically) Everyone makes mistakes.
    In Houtarou's mind: Don't say that in that outfit!
    Satoshi: It's nothing to be depressed over. We're all the same!
    In Houtarou's mind: Don't say that in that outfit!
    • And when they finally succeed in cheering Mayaka up:
    Satoshi: (giving her a thumbs-up) Looks like you finally get it!
    In Houtarou's mind: Stop talking in that outfit!
    • Chitanda succumbing to numerous moments of Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!.
    • Houtarou's thoughts on being the one to man the booth:
      Houtarou: (sitting alone, by himself, spinning his pen around) It's quiet... (to himself) Best job...ever.
    • When the "punk" enters the club room out of curiosity. Houtarou seems to be slightly awestruck by his outfit. And then:
    Punk: What are you doing here?
    Houtarou: (while being distracted by the punk's spiky hair) Noth... I mean, we're selling anthologies!
  • In Episode 13, Satoshi wonders how Houtarou is doing with the anthologies... It cuts to Houtarou peeking at Chitanda's costume photos.
  • Episode 14, Misaki Sawaguchi's cooking skills.
    • In the Novel Chitanda monologues to herself: "What does that taste like? I'm not curious!"
  • The Running Gag of Mayaka being uncomfortable with the word "cosplay," which culminates with her throwing her mirror at Houtarou in Episode 15 when he points out that she needs it.
  • Episode 16, Chitanda slamming her head into the mic at the start of the interview.
    • Chitanda BSODing when Oreki says that he and Satoshi will be talking about "adult" things...

    Little birds can remember. 
  • Episode 6, this bit of the conversation about anger:
    Eru: Do you get angry, Oreki-san?
    Mayaka: There's no way he'd get angry.
    Eru: Because he's easy-going?
    Mayaka: No, because he's a sad excuse of a human who can't even get angry.
    In Houtarou's mind: Hey, that's just mean! (pause) Hey look, I got angry!
    • And later:
    Eru: If you can never get angry at something, that probably means you have nothing you like anything either.
    In Houtarou's mind: I do get angry. (nods) Yep.
    • And also, this gem:
    Mayaka: But if that's the case, why don't you ever get angry?
    Eru: (cheerfully) Because it tires me out. And I like to avoid getting tired!
    (Everyone gapes for a beat)
    • Mayaka and Satoshi are horrified. Oreki even visualizes her as an angel.
    Satoshi: Chitanda-san's been poisoned by Houtarou! This is bad! There's a ghost haunting Kamiyama High! The ghost of energy-saving!
    Mayaka: (stands up and puts hands on Eru's shoulders) Wake up, Chii-chan!
    In Houtarou's mind: These guys can sure run their mouths.
    • And immediately after:
    Eru: I'm just joking!
    Satoshi and Mayaka: Eh?
    Eru: It was a joke.
    In Houtarou's mind: A joke, huh? And here I thought I'd found a soul mate.
  • Episode 7, Houtarou's internal monologue while in the bus:
    Houtarou: Personally I'd rather be taking a break from everything during my summer break, but...
    • And later, after getting off the bus:
    Mayaka: They should be coming to pick us up any time now.
    Satoshi: This is a really great view!
    (camera pans to Eru looking worriedly at a carsick Houtarou)
    Eru: Um, Oreki-san? Are you okay?
    Houtarou: (in a nauseated voice) I feel sick.
    Satoshi: That's typical Houtarou for you. Already complaining.
    Mayaka: It was only one and a half hours... You're pathetic.
    • In front of the hot springs:
    Eru: (disappointed) It looks like this isn't a mixed bath...
    Houtarou: (flinching) Obviously!
    • Houtarou deducing what was happening in the women's bath just by noise was pretty hilarious, more so as he passes out after due to becoming overwhelmed with his mental images while in the heat.
      • And after being helped onto a futon, Houtarou gets this:
    Mayaka: I guess enjoying fun things really isn't your lot in life...
    (Mayaka and Satoshi leave)
    Houtarou: That's so true.
    • Houtarou waking up mere inches from Satoshi.
      • The way it's shot is a big factor in its funny value. We get a shot of Satoshi sleeping peacefully with his mouth open... and then the camera moves over, and we see Houtarou with a deadpan look on his face.
    • And the next day, in the hot springs:
    Houtarou: Hey, were there any events last night?
    Satoshi: (with an extremely serious face) You got dizzy in the bath.
    Houtarou: (annoyed) Anything else?
  • Episode 18. Houtarou actually being interested in something, and everyone else's reaction to that.
    • Special mention goes to Chitanda, who isn't worried about his health like the other two, but is curious about why he's curious about something.
  • Episode 21. With Ibara's Valentine's Day chocolates being stolen, the club sans Ibara go to the Astronomy Club to track down the culprit without being under suspicion. ........ then the first thing Eru shouts when they open the door is "Where are the chocolates!?" Houtarou and Satoshi immediately pull her behind them.
    • Oreki waking up the morning of Valentine's Day to find that Tomoe left him chocolate at his door with a note. The note is her teasing him over the fact that it's only sympathy chocolate since he isn't likely to be given any. The scene then shows a rapid cut of Oreki punting the chocolate.