Awesome: Hyouka

  • Episode 11, Houtarou, after realizing that Irisu had been using him all along he flips out on her. Which is a major change from his energy conserving ways.
    • A villainous one for Irisu as well. As cruel as her plan was, it still genuinely worked.
    • Irisu's chat room companion, Houtarou's sister?, earns a mention after she completely sees through Irisu's methods and actually puts the cold empress on the defense.
  • Episode 14, just a tiny detail— Do you guys realize how much energy it took Houtarou to call out to Satoshi? Not to mention he felt almost uncomfortable doing so while knowing he'd probably catch everyone on that field's attention. The Brilliant but Lazy protagonist seems to be getting a little less lazy and a bit more awesome, as long as it's for the people he cares about. True to his character, he also, again, complains at how tiring it was.
    • And, of course, Ibara's last-minute performance during the Cooking Duel.
  • Episode 17, Tanabe Jirou's method of sending messages. Just, wow.
    • And then Oreki not only being able to crack the code, but blackmailing him in the process... It may be conniving, but it's no less magnificent.
  • Episode 19. Houtarou truly smiles.