Tear Jerker / Hyouka

  • Oreki figuring out the secret behind the name Hyouka. His emotional reaction, the others horrified faces of realization, and Chitanda's flashback are absolutely heartwrenching.
    Oreki: Did they really not understand what it meant? Or did they just not want to accept it?
  • Houtarou's Heroic B.S.O.D. in episode 11 is painful to watch.
  • The puppet scene...
  • "You surpassed my expectations, Houtarou."
  • Episode 21 has Satoshi rejecting Ibara's Valentine's Day chocolates, then Ibara's second ones getting stolen, then Eru blaming herself from leaving the club door unlocked and supposedly hurting Ibara's feelings, then Satoshi revealing later that he stole them due to his inability to be close to anyone. Damn!
  • Jun's backstory is pretty darn depressing. In particular, the revelation that he was expelled because the student body didn't want to own up for their actions and his final message to the school on how he felt on the matter: "I scream."