Fanfic Recs / Grojband

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Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

  • Right in Front of You by RickyBalloon
    • Recommended by Rabukurafuto
    • Synopsis: After one of Grojband's gigs and Corey's "deep" speeches, Laney is inspired enough to tell Corey how she feels about him...with unexpected results!
    • Pairing(s): LaneyxCorey, het

  • The Real Deal by RickyBalloon
    • Recommended by Rabukurafuto
    • Synopsis: After helping Corey out of a jam, Nick Mallory takes a sudden interest in Corey. With Trina away and thus no diary to help Corey with lyrics, Corey needs a new source of inspiration. Will the blossoming romance between Corey and Nick be enough?
    • Pairing(s): CoreyxNick Mallory, slash
    • Comments: Takes place after "Right in Front of You", but reading that isn't important to understand The Real Deal.