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Fanfic: Knight Templar School
This is an X-Men: Evolution, The DCU, and Marvel Universe crossover. It is set in the fictional town of Bayville, New York.Part One has all of these characters in a normal high school/boarding school setting. No powers, no frills: just a bunch of teens. The pairings are numerous, and the hormones run high. There’s also the gang of teachers that turns Ax-Crazy at night to keep the kids safe. Part II is Darker and Edgier, with the students on the run, the good teachers trying to help, and the Ax-Crazy teachers & Face-Heel Turn students trying to track them down and drag them back.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Subverted with Kitty and Lance; Kitty likes the decent person he is inside. Played straight with Rose and Jason and Tabitha and John. The reason Wanda has a crush on John, rather than Dogged Nice Guy Todd. Troy tries to invoke this with Tula, but fails in epic proportions. She throws him into the pool.
  • All Guys Want Cheerleaders: Duncan for Taryn, Justin for Riley, Fang for Kitten, Cody for Ashley.
  • Ax-Crazy: The Knight Templar Parent group invokes this when they're hunting "bad guys."
  • Badass Teacher: Almost every teacher in the blasted school. If they aren't a Sadist Teacher or Dean Bitterman, they're this. A list, for those who can't remember: Mr. Allen, Mr. Banner, Mr. Curry, Mr. Dean, Mr. Drayton, Mr. Fury, Mr. Grimm, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Howlett, Mr. Kent, Mr. Kovar, Mr. Lawson, Mr. Lensherr, Mr. Marko, Mr. McCoy, Mr. Minoru, Mr. Osbourne, Mr. Queen, Mr. Rasputin, Mr. Richards, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Stark, Mr. Steele, Mr. Stein, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Storm, Mr. T'Challa, Mr. Trainor, Mr. Wayne, Mr. Wilder, both Mr. Wilsons, Mr. Yorkes, Mr. Xavier, Ms. Adler, Mrs. Curry, Ms. Darkholme, Mrs. Dean, Mrs. Drayton-Farr, Ms. Frost, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Hol-Stewart, Mrs. Lane-Kent, Mrs. Mendez-Kovar, Mrs. Minoru, Ms. Morlock, Ms. Munroe, Mrs. Richards-Storm, Mrs. Stein, Mrs. Wilder, Mrs. Yorkes
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: All of the Girl Posse members.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Part I: Pietro can and will face down John when he feels that John is playing with his sister's feelings. John isn't even aware that Wanda has a crush on him, so when Pietro does this, his first reaction is "What the hell are yah on about, mate?" Mr. Marko also invokes this trope with Mr. Xavier when necessary for example, when Drake, on a drug high, starts shooting up the school. Mr. Marko does not find the perp, but he does ensure his half-brother’s safety before pursuit. Chase pummels Troy when he tries to force drugs on Klara and Molly. And only one guy tries to bully Jamie after Lance takes him on as a surrogate little brother. Lance wipes the floor with him. Inverted with Elliot, the younger half-brother, over-protecting Rachel at times, going to the lengths of telling a known Knight Templar Parent about Drake's drug dealing in vengeance for him breaking Rachel's heart, knowing full well that he is giving Drake a death sentence.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Lance, to Jamie. Warren, to Bobby. Victor Stone for a lot of people. Chase to Molly.
  • Big Eater: Freddy, Pietro, Wally, Jamie (the latter three have really fast metabolisms), Victor Stone, Baron
  • Can Not Spit It Out:
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Kurt likes to flirt, as does Gar. But when they're in a relationship, they're Nice Guy and adorable.
  • Cool Big Sis: Tabitha and Callisto. Gwen to Molly.
  • Cool Teacher: Mr. McCoy. His chemistry classes teach how to make stinkbombs and bottle rockets. Also Mr. Lawson, who really enjoys it when people make really complicated and cool things, even if they explode when you push the wrong button. (There are still scorch marks from the last one on his wall)
  • Darker and Edgier: Part II. Without a doubt.
  • Dean Bitterman: Mr. Kelly, Mr. Moth.
  • [Delinquents Delinquents]: The more gray group includes Pietro, Wanda, Todd, Freddy, formerly Marie, formerly Julie, Elliot, Mikron, Baron, Billy, Bailey, Seymour, Rocky, and Jason. The morally black are [spoiler: Drake and Troy].
  • Drives Like Crazy: Kitty
  • Face-Heel Turn: Tara, Elliot, Seymour, Mikron, Baron, Billy, Bailey, Angela, Rocky, Harry Alex, and Pietro.
  • Fiery Redhead: Jean whenever Scott or Duncan pisses her off. She is a {Tsundere}...
  • Food Fight: Lance needs to find Kitty and avoid Riley after the latter stuffs the former in a locker before the mandatory lunchtime assembly. Todd has the perfect solution: BURRITO FIGHT!
  • Girls' Night Out Episode: Well, mini-arc, that's actually plot-relevant. After Rachel discovers that Drake was playing her, a lot of the other girls drag her out for a girl's night. This is when they see the Knight Templar Parent group invoke Karmic Death.
  • Girl Posse: There are two (and that causes a lot of catfights). One is Belladonna, Taryn, and Riley. The other is Kitten, Mandy, Mika, Megan, and Karlee. The first one has the advantage of having two members with brains in their heads; the second has the advantage of having more members, though they’re all as bright as a brick.
  • Hot Teacher: A surprising majority, seeing as most of them are middle-aged.
  • I Didnt Mean to Turn You On:
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Cody gives up Marie because he can see that she really loves Remy. Ray gives up Rahne because he can see that she really loves Roberto. Kayla would do it for Alex, believing that he loves Jean, but he informs her of her mistake. Mika gives up Roy because she can see that he really loves Rachel. Seymour gives up Julie because he can see that she really loves Wally.
  • Jerk Jock: Duncan. Dick, Roy, Garth, Wally, and Victor Stone pretend to be this.
  • Karmic Death: Duncan, Kitten, Mandy, Megan, Belladonna, Taryn, Riley, Karlee, Drake, Troy, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Moth, Mr. Creed, Mr. Mod, Mr. Ledger, Mr. Roth, Mr. Dent, Mr. von Doom, Ms. Quinzel, and Madame de Mille. Drake is killed by the Knight Templar Parent group after he shatters Rachel’s heart. Troy is killed after he tries to addict Klara and Molly to coke so he can have wealthier customers. Riley is killed after trying to kill Kitty so she can have Lance to herself. Duncan is killed after trying to rape Jean. Belladonna is killed after drugging Rogue and putting her on a plane flight that would go across the country.
  • Knight Templar Big Brother: Elliot. Pietro joins him in Part II.
  • Knight Templar Parent: Holy friggin’ crap, this is played to the hilt. Anyone remember that example about ‘killing every drug dealer in town’? THEY DO THAT, to anyone who has even the slightest infringement on their record when it comes to anyone under eighteen, and they don’t care if they even have to eliminate some of their own students to ensure the safety and mental health of the majority. They are Mr. Lensherr, Mr. Marko, Ms. Darkholme, Ms. Adler, Mr. Osbourne, Ms. Frost, the Deans, the Steins, the Wilders, the Hayes, the Minorus, the Yorkes, Mr. T’Challa, and both Mr. Wilsons. When the kids find out, they freak and run.
  • {Kuudere}: Rachel, Marie
  • Ladykiller in Love: Roberto, Pietro, Dick, Roy, Garth, Wally, and Victor Stone.
  • Lethal Chef: Kitty
  • Like Brother and Sister: Jean and Alex, but Kayla thinks that Alex has a crush on Jean. Evan and Callisto. Gwen and Peter after he turns her advances down. Kole and Greg. Leyla attempts to keep her relationship with Evan like this. It doesn’t work. This is proven when Pietro dares Evan to kiss Ashley, and Evan pretends to mishear and kisses Leyla. It snowballs from there. Callisto and Evan.
  • Love Dodecahedron: Hoo boy. Here we go. Jean loves Scott but is dating Duncan, Duncan likes Taryn but is dating Jean, Taryn likes Scott (who she’s dating) and Duncan, and Scott loves Jean but is dating Taryn. Lance loves Kitty, Kitty professes to like Justin but secretly loves Lance, Justin likes Riley, and Riley loves Lance. Amanda loves Kurt, and Kurt can’t decide if he likes Kitty, Tabitha, or Amanda. Leyla loves Evan but isn’t sure that she wants to lose his friendship if he rejects her or they break up, Evan likes Ashley but could love Leyla, Ashley loves Cody, and Cody likes Marie but could love Ashley. Belladonna loves Remy, Remy loves Marie, and Marie likes Scott but could love Remy. Bobby loves Jubilee, Jubilee likes Ray, Ray loves Rahne, Rahne likes Sam but could love Roberto or Ray, Sam loves Amara but is too shy to say it, Amara loves Sam but doesn’t want to hurt Rahne, and Roberto loves Rahne. Todd loves Wanda, Wanda likes John, John can’t decide between Amara and Tabitha, and Tabitha is an all-around flirt. Kayla loves Alex but thinks that he loves Jean, and Alex loves Kayla but thinks that he is inadequate for her. Freddy likes Jean. Pietro loves Laura, and Laura is stubbornly independent. Logan and Shuri both love Ororo, and Ororo can’t decide between them. Raven and Irene are life partners. Megan likes Victor Stone, Victor Stone loves Karen, and Karen could love Victor Stone. Gar loves Tara, and Tara loves Gar. Karlee likes Garth, Garth loves Tula, and Tula could love Garth. Troy likes Tula. Mika loves Roy but he doesn’t take it seriously, Roy loves Rachel, Rachel likes Drake but could love Roy, and Drake is using Rachel but could love her. Fang likes Kitten, Kitten likes both Fang and Dick (and is dating Fang), Dick loves Kori, and Kori could love Dick. Mandy likes Wally, Wally loves Julie, and Julie could love Wally. Seymour loves Julie, and Julie could love Seymour. Mark and Mike both have big crushes on Kori. Jason loves Rose, and Rose loves Jason. Xavin loves Karolina, and Karolina likes Nico but could love Xavin. Isaiah loves Toni, and Toni loves Isaiah. Joey loves Kole, and Kole loves Joey. Warren loves Monoriya, and Monoriya loves Warren. Harry loves Gwen, Gwen likes Peter but could love Harry, Peter loves Mary Jane, and Mary Jane loves Peter. Alex loves Nico, and Nico loves Alex. Victor Mancha loves Molly but doesn’t feel like he’s good enough for her, and Molly loves Victor Mancha but thinks that he won’t notice her because of her age. Chase loves Gert but feels too stupid for her, and Gert loves Chase but is too insecure about her looks to admit it. Klara loves Jamie but is too shy to admit it, and Jamie loves Klara but is unsure of what to do to win her.
  • Mama Bear: All of the good female teachers who are not a Knight Templar Parent. A list: Mrs. Curry, Mrs. Drayton-Farr, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Hol-Stewart, Mrs. Lane-Kent, Mrs. Mendez-Kovar, Ms. Morlock, Ms. Munroe, Mrs. Richards-Storm
  • Moral Event Horizon: Riley’s is trying to kill Kitty so she can have Lance to herself. Duncan’s is trying to rape Jean. Belladonna’s is drugging Rogue and putting her on a plane flight that would go across the country so that she can get Remy. Troy’s is trying to force drugs on Molly and Klara. Drake’s is The Reveal that he was playing Rachel the whole time.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: Riley attempts this. Lance takes it about as well as could be expected. This causes her Karmic Death (don’t worry, it’s not by Lance’s hand).
  • My Sister Is Off Limits: Pietro informs John and Todd of this. John listens. Todd doesn’t.
  • Nice Guys Finish Last: Subverted with Todd and Wanda.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: The offenders are Dick, Roy, Victor Stone, Wally, Garth, and Molly. Mika and Remy are also offenders when it suits them.
  • One-Note Cook: Leyla’s no genius in the kitchen, but she can whip out a mean sandwich. She does that when she’s stressed, nervous, or greeting someone new. It’s also her way of offering friendship.
  • Pair the Spares: Duncan and Taryn, in most of the school’s point of view. Scott and Jean, in the popular point of view.
  • Papa Wolf: All of the good male teachers who are not a Knight Templar Parent. A list: Mr. Allen, Mr. Banner, Mr. Curry, Mr. Drayton, Mr. Fury, Mr. Grimm, Mr. Howlett, Mr. Kent, Mr. Kovar, Mr. Lawson, Mr. McCoy, Mr. Queen, Mr. Rasputin, Mr. Richards, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Stark, Mr. Steele, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Storm, Mr. T’Challa, Mr. Trainor, Mr. Wayne, Mr. Xavier
  • Pretty Freeloader: Tabitha. John likes that about her.
  • Popular Is Dumb: Dick, Roy, Victor Stone, Wally, and Garth pretend to be this. Belladonna, Ashley, Mika, and Taryn subvert this. Fondly played straight with Cody. Mercilessly played straight with Kitten, Fang, Mandy, Karlee, Megan, Riley, and Duncan.
  • Psychologist Teacher: Ms. Munroe, Mr. Xavier, Mr. McCoy
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Duncan tries to pull this when Kayla, Molly, and Rachel, feeling mischievous and (in Kayla’s case) pissed because he was rude to the Summers brothers, replace all of his clothes with pink, lacy, flouncy, poufy princess dresses. [spoiler: Everyone laughs their asses of anyway].
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: Amara and Tabitha; Molly and Klara.
  • Rule of Pool: Tula throws Troy into the pool when he hits on her. Garth is very happy about that.
  • Sadist Teacher: Mr. Creed, Mr. Mod, Mr. Ledger, Mr. Roth, Mr. Dent, Mr. von Doom, Ms. Quinzel, Madame de Mille
  • {Dance}: Sadie Hawkins, baby. Riley finally loses it when Kitty asks out Lance, causing her Moral Event Horizon and Karmic Death. Amara asks out Sam after Rahne assures her of her ended affections. Kayla asks Alex and is completely shocked when he says yes. Xavin asks Karolina after (unbeknownst to Xavin) Nico turns Karolina down. Karolina accepts.
  • School Festival: For Mardi Gras, much to every New Orleans resident’s enjoyment. Remy gets lucky in love; Belladonna calls it “the worst Mardi Gras EVER!”
  • Sent To High School: Yep.
  • Shrinking Violet: Klara, Amanda
  • Spoiled Sweet: Kori, Jubilee, Kayla, and Joey.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Remy to Marie. Freddy (briefly) to Jean. Pietro to Laura. Riley to Lance. All six Jock Actors with their objects of affection. Alex to Nico in Part II.
  • Stern Teacher: Mr. Howlett, Mr. Wayne, Mr. Drayton, Mr. Fury, and Ms. Morlock.
  • Stuffed into a Locker: Riley does this to Kitty to get her in trouble. Lance gets pissed.
  • Shout-Out: Todd uses Grover's distraction from Book 3 in Percy Jacksonandthe Olympians.
    • Riley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus. NOT A COINCIDENCE.
  • The Reveal: Drake was playing Rachel the whole time. Also the identities of the Knight Templar Parents. And Alex and Pietro knowing the whole time.
  • Romantic False Lead: Troy.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Xavin (tomboy) and Karolina (girly girl)
  • Transfer Student: Leyla, Greg, Kori
  • Troubled, but Cute: Remy, Lance, John
  • {Tsundere}: Jean and Mary Jane.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: The Knight Templar Parent group's counterargument rests on this. “OK, so we kill people, but EVERYONE CAN WALK THE STREETS SAFELY AT NIGHT!” (Except, of course, the people you think need to die…)
  • Valley Girl: Kitty.
  • We Need a Distraction: Todd, Kurt, Jamie, Bobby, Remy, John, Tabitha, Gar, and all of the delinquents are MASTERS at this. See Food Fight for proof.
  • {Yandere}: Belladonna and Riley.

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