Fan Fic / Compare And Contrast

Compare and Contrast is a Veronica Mars Alternate Universe Fic by emmaliza, based on the question: what if Veronica was killed instead of Lilly?

The story starts almost a year after Veronica was murdered suddenly on the Kane estate - a crime Celeste Kane was convicted of, and led to the downfall of the Kanes social standing. That was followed by Lilly releasing the Aaron Echolls sex tapes, accidentally leading to wife Lynn's suicide, Jake Kane walked out on his children, and Lilly accidentally fell pregnant, had an abortion, but had photos of her at the clinic published against her will.

Reputation ruined and self toughened, Lilly begins to realise there's more to Veronica's murder than the public story. And it's up to her to find out what really happened.

This work contains the following tropes