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From Darkness into the Light by FringeDivision2008
  • Recommended by: Evil Panda
  • Synopsis: Faced with the task of killing the only goodness in his life just to prove loyalty, Grant Ward surrenders to the team. Can he earn back their trust and respect or will he forever be labeled a traitor? Has he lost the only good thing in his life because of his actions or can he gain Skye back? Can Coulson pull another Romanoff and turn Ward into an asset? Based on 1x21 Ragtag promo (AU)
  • Tags:

From Darkness: a Grant Ward Story by skyewardfitzsimmonsphilinda
  • Recommended by: Evil Panda
  • Synopsis: When you come from hell, it's hard to believe you deserve anything better. And when you've carried secrets alone for so long, it's damn near impossible to believe that there's anyone out there who could share your burden. The team's journey, from Ward's perspective. I believe in Grant Ward, and I believe there is hope at the end of the story.
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A Spy Like Me by Riley Holden
  • Recommended by: Evil Panda
  • Synopsis: After the Battle of New York, Grant Ward decides that he no longer wants Hydra to win its war with SHIELD and becomes a triple agent. Nick Fury gives him orders to work with Coulson's team in order to get valuable intelligence on Hydra but Grant finds his triple status and working with a team quite difficult.
  • Tags: Skye/Ward

A Different Choice by Alkeni
  • Recommended by: Evil Panda
  • Synopsis: For fifteen years, Grant Ward's life has been John Garrett - the man he owes everything to. Just as he is about to free John from Hand's custody, Ward realizes something: whatever he owes John, he doesn't owe him Skye. Ward failed Skye once, when Quinn shot her on John's orders. Never again. There's one thing he's ever wanted for himself: Skye. For her, he makes a different choice. Completed with a sequel in the works, entitled Out of the Shadows and Into the Light.
  • Tags: Skye/Ward

My Brother's Keeper by LadyCizzle
  • Recommended by Evil Panda
  • Synopsis: After everything he's done Grant Ward didn't believe he was worthy of a second chance. Unfortunately for him his siblings believe otherwise. Thomas and Rose Ward will stand by their brother on his journey to become a good man. Even if that means spending six months in S.H.I.E.L.D's custody. Inhuman Wards, yes all three of them.
  • Tags: OC, Skye/Ward

Shield by Qweb
  • Recommended by: Alienof Doom
  • Synopsis: Coulson gives Ward a history lesson.
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The Metro by ChandaK562
  • Recommended by: bissek
  • Synopsis: Director Fury's car is towed while he and several of his top agents participate in Congressional hearings, so he decides that they'll take the metro back to the Triskelion. Shortly after they get on, Coulson's team, who is spending the day at the Smithsonian while Coulson is with Fury, stumbles on a terrorist plan to blow up DC's subway network...
  • Comments: An interesting blend of drama and humor.

Conversation Hearts by amandajoyce118
  • Recommended by: kiapet
  • Synopsis: Snippets of conversations amongst members of Coulson's team. An alphabet challenge.
  • Comments: A collection of oneshots featuring character interactions throughout season 1. Everyone is remarkably in-character, and it ranges from hilarious to heartbreaking.
  • Now has a sequel, Confetti Canon, which does the same for Season 2

Sometimes I Hate The Life I Made by Emilie Hardie
  • Recommended by: Lit Bits
  • Now with its own Trope page.
  • Synopsis: Skye isn't too impressed when she hears that her Dad - Tony Stark - has made a killer AI so she goes undercover with Ultron to help stop him. She didn't count on actually liking her pseudo-younger brother.
  • Comments: An excellent full-length fic with plot out the wazoo, a lot of fun moments and an increasingly epic scale. It and the future sequels are on a weekly (if shaky) schedule and the author is very active in the comments so there's always new material to be found.


What's Behind Door Number 4? by Mecha 74
  • Recommended by: 2wingo
  • Crossover with: Carrie (2013)
  • Synopsis: "Carrie White has survived, and finds herself cornered by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But things do not go as she expects them to. Based on the new 2013 Carrie movie. Story crosses over into ALL Marvel movies, not just Marvel Studios films. Be warned, there are spoilers for...well everything. Rated T for language and violence."
  • Comments: A very interesting What If? fic, it's very easy to get drawn into the story as Carrie works to create a new life for herself, Coulson helping her every step of the way. The author is good enough to have as few spoilers for the movies and TV show as possible, though some are inevitable.

The SHIELD Codices: A Clear and Present Loki by Khaman V
  • Recommended by: Emperor Max 2019
  • Crossover With: Thor, with guest appearances by characters from other Marvel Cinematic Universe works.
    • Synopsis: "Loki is forced to see that all permutations of his future end at Ragnarok, and like so many iterations before him demands his own chance to unbind himself from destiny. The odds are poor but one path might be found in the company of his enemies: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. busy with enough troubles of their own. Spoilers abound, with speculation as a side dish."
  • Comments: This fic is the first in a whole series of partial-AU fanfics in which Loki attempts to redeem himself by becoming an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Action, drama, and hilarity ensue. Everyone is kept in character, and the comics characters introduced are kept in the style of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An amazing read.
  • Now has its own work page.