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Characters in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • S.H.I.E.L.D.: Lola.
    • Leadership: Director Nicholas J. "Nick" Fury, Director Jeffrey Mace / Patriot, Agent/Commander Maria Hill, Agent Victoria Hand.
    • Team Coulson: Agent Daisy Johnson / Quake, Agent Melinda May, Dr. Jemma Simmons, Dr. Leopold Fitz, Agent Antoine "Trip" Triplett, Agent Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie, Agent Barbara "Bobbi" Morse, Agent Lance Hunter, Agent Lincoln Campbell, Agent Joey Gutierrez, Agent Elena Rodriguez / Yo-Yo.
    • Strategic Scientific Reserve
    • "Real" S.H.I.E.L.D.: Commander Robert Gonzales, Agent Anne Weaver, Agent Isabelle Hartley, Agent Tomas Calderon, Agent Oliver.
    • Other Agents: Agent Mack, Agent Shaw, Agent Michael "Mike" Peterson / Deathlok, The Koenig Brothers, Idaho, Agent Noelle Walters, Agent Piper, Agent LT Koenig, Agent Davis, Dr. Andrew Garner, Dr. Streiten, Dr. Franklin Hall, Felix Blake, Richard Lumley, Sebastian Derik, Janice Robbins, Hank Thompson.
    • Leadership: The Cult, Hive, Grant Ward, Gideon Malick, Stephanie Malick, Nathaniel Malick, Dr. Daniel Whitehall / General Werner Reinhardt, Dr. List, Sunil Bakshi, The Council.
    • Operatives: Agent 33, Kenneth Turgeon, Marcus Scarlotti, Toshiro Mori, Julien Beckers, Kebo, Spud, Candice Lee, Ruby Hale, Werner von Strucker, Giyera, Lucio.
    • The Centipede Group: John Garrett / "The Clairvoyant", Edison Po, Ian Quinn, Debbie, Akela Amador, The Englishman, Brian Hayward, Agent Kaminsky.
  • Criminals and Terrorists: The Superior / Anton Ivanov, Tucker Shockley, Vanchat, and Miles Lydon,
  • Gifted: Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider II, "Johnny Blaze" / Ghost Rider I, Dr. Calvin Johnson, Karla Faye Gideon, David Angar, Wendell Levi, Franchis Noche, Chan Ho Yin / Scorch, Tobias Ford, Donnie Gill, Marcus Daniels / Blackout, Carl "Crusher" Creel / Absorbing Man, Dr. Holden Radcliffe, Anon, Eli Morrow, The Ghosts (Lucy Bauer, Hugo, Vincent, and Frederick).
  • Inhumans: Raina, Jiaying, Gordon, Eva Belyakov, Katya Belyakov, Alisha Whitley, JT James / Hellfire, Lash, Dwight Frye, Charles Hinton, Vijay Nadeer, The Primitives.
  • Others: Stan Lee, The Spirit of Vengeance, The Darkhold.
  • Government and Military: Comandante Camila Reyes, Victor Ramon, Lucio.
  • Citizens: Ace Peterson, Gabriel Reyes, Hannah Hutchins, Audrey Nathan, Thomas Ward, Ruben Mackenzie, Thurston Koenig, Lian May, William May, Alistair Fitz, Agnes Kitsworth.
  • Cosmic: The Kree, G.H., Vin-Tak, Will Daniels, Enoch.
    • The Lighthouse: Kasius, Sinara, Hek-Sel, The Vicar, Ava, Tye, Abby, Ben, The Seer, Basha, Gaius Ponarian, Karaba, Faulnak, Maston-Dar, Deke, Grill, Zev, Virgil, Tess, Flint, Voss.
    • Nine Realms: Lady Sif, Professor Elliot Randolph, Lorelei.
    • The Confederacy: Kasius' father, Qovas
  • Companies: Kyle Zeller.
  • LMDs: Aida, May LMD, Radcliffe LMD, Coulson LMD, Mack LMD, Mace LMD, Fitz LMD, Daisy Johnson LMDs, Ivanov LMD, Simmons LMD.
  • The Framework: Madame Hydra, Alistair Fitz, Kenneth Turgeon , Grant Ward, Antoine Triplett.

Alternative Title(s): Agents Of SHIELD Other Characters