Fan Fic: Mario & Luigi

Mario & Luigi is a series of Super Mario Bros. fan fictions written by MultiShadow101. Though it incorporates many elements and characters from the game series, it is set in its own universe and continuity. There are currently four entries in the series.

Within the series, the eponymous Mario Bros. are part of an ancient prophecy depicting the fall of the evil Koopa Troop, and follows their attempts to protect the entire Mushroom World from threats, meeting many friends and enemies along the way.

The current entries in the cities are:
  • Mario & Luigi: The Sword of Mushrooms
  • Mario & Luigi: Wrath of the Wicked Flame
  • Mario & Luigi: Curse of the Dark King
  • Mario & Luigi: The Rainbow Star

Not to be confused with the Mario & Luigi RPG series.

This series contains examples of: