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Early Installment Weirdness: Roleplay
  • The Gungan Council usually had extremely short posts in its beginning. And by extremely short, having one or two sentences was perfectly fine. No one had to be very descriptive or technical. Discrepancies from Star Wars canon were shrugged off. As time went on, it grew more narrative heavy, with the average acceptable post then being around 200 words. Disregarding too much of the official canon would be unacceptable. And being more technical or descriptive in the action of combat posts is praised.
  • Survival of the Fittest started out... oddly, to say the least. Many handlers are surprised when they read all the way back to version 1, which was more lenient about realism and good writing than the current version. This results in seeing character concepts that wouldn't work nowadays but made it through in a previous version, or seeing deaths that would be laughed off if you tried them now.
  • Freedom City Play By Post had villain PCs and a much Darker and Edgier allowance.
  • Grand Journey came, over time, to be defined by characters with supernatural powers and a huge cast of revolving secondary characters. It can therefore be a little jarring to start from the beginning and read about a completely mundane army recruit named Albin Edrias and his best friend.
  • The Imperium Of Man Comes To Gensokyo started out in the Forum Games section, which explains why the first ten pages or so are filled with God Modding, Fandom Rivalry, Ass Pulls and other Author Avatars. Fortunately, this died out fast enough that actual plot could happen.
  • Off The Page And Into Life began as a wacky humorous roleplay, featuring the hijinks of the teens and young adults of Pageson. Then the Reset Button was hit, and a darker plot and backstory was introduced, along with several new characters. The current storyline is surprisingly dark.
  • As a general rule, when you look back on the early posts a person makes with a character and compare it to more recent ones, the early ones will seem a bit off. This may be in part due to character development, but also the first few posts are typically "breaking in" the character.
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