Drinking Game: Friends

  • Take a shot every time somebody:
    • starts going out with someone.
    • breaks up with someone.
    • has sex.
    • gets married.
    • has a baby.
  • Take a shot every time Chandler makes a joke.
    • Two if it involves sarcasm.
    • Three if Joey doesn't get it.
  • Take a shot every time Joey tries to flirt with a girl.
    • Two if he succeeds.
  • Take a shot every time Monica freaks out about something not being clean/being in the wrong place.
  • If there's a big secret, take a shot whenever someone finds out.
  • Take a shot whenever you can see someone's nipples through their shirt.

An alternative, simpler game:
  • Drink every time the audience makes a noise. Laugh track, "Oooooh" etc.