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The Elda series is a work-in-perpetual-progress fantasy story by KissofCamine.

It is set in the fictional world of Elda(hence the series title), where magic is a force of life and few people have the talent and virtue to use it. Those who do are known as Magi, and it is the duty of Magi to keep balance between good, evil, order, and chaos. The series as it is right now is separated into two stories:

Soulbond: Soulbond centers on the journey of Aquaries, who sets out from the royal palace of Vasguard in order to study under the four great sages. Along the way, he uncovers a plot by a blood witch named Leta to release an evil being called Shuric and destroy the three nations of Peranthova.

Fardessa Story: Meanwhile, on a continent to the west of Peranthova known as Fardessa, a boy joins a secret order devoted to promoting equality among the magical races in defiance against his homeland's anti-nonhuman policies and in hopes of finding his long lost friend. Little does he know that this is the beginning of a battle to decide the fate of magic once and for all.


The Series As A Whole Contains Examples of:

Soulbond Contains Examples of:

Fardessa Story Contains Examples of: