Creator / Masashi Kishimoto
You've gotta give the guy credits for sheer stubbornness.

Masashi Kishimoto (岸本 斉史, Kishimoto Masashi, born November 8, 1974) is a Japanese manga artist, well known for creating the manga series Naruto which was in serialisation from 1999 to 2014. He has a twin younger brother, Seishi, who also is a manga artist.

He's mostly know to be the Mangaka creator of Naruto. But he wrote some others manga before writing Naruto, such as Karakuri, Michikusa (a slice-of-life manga), and an action manga named Asian Punk. He then wrote the pilot version of Naruto, under the guidance of Kosuke Yahagi, his first editor, which was well received. He then received an offer for the serialisation of his manga Karakuri, but was cancelled immediately due to poor reception. He then went on writing Seinen Manga with Yakyuou and Mario (a Seinen mafia manga, he'll write later a complete one shot manga on this.) hoping to having better luck on Seinen magazines. Yahagi eventually persuades him to stay on Shounen, and he wrote Magic Mushroom, but is stopped by Yahagi when both of them agree to submit a reworked version of Naruto for serialization, and the rest is history.

On 10 November 2014, Kishimoto ended the 15-year run of Naruto. By the end of the publication, Naruto had spanned 72 volumes and (as of September 2014) generated global sales of more than 200 million copies. Masashi Kishimoto then took the time to take his wife on honeymoon, which he never had the time to do during Naruto's serialization.

Masashi Kishimoto is often associated with the following:

  • Forgetful Jones: Is often given this trademark by the fandom, for not using more character X or Y. The truth is, as he revealed later, he thought about using more unused characters, but never quite found the right moment to do it, as he explained with Rock Lee:
    Interviewer: "Ah, right! So did you decide to include Rock Lee in the story more because he became so popular?"
    Kishimoto: "Not necessarily. It's just what I heard. It kind of surprised me how popular he was, but it didn't necessarily lead to more plotlines with him in it, or anything like that. That's not to say that I didn't consider writing him in more or creating more stories about him, but the timing was never right, so I never had the opportunity."
  • No Hugging, No Kissing: While Naruto has romance in it, even as an important part of its plot (and is a MASSIVELY popular subject for Shipping fics), effectively NONE of it ever takes place on-page, due to his self-confessed inability to write romance, which he attributes to chronic embarrassment. Even in the epilogue chapter, you barely get to see any of the married couples interact with each other and the main ones everyone wanted to see, Naruto/Hinata and Sasuke/Sakura, didn't even appear on page at the same time (although in Sasuke's case at least he has the excuse that he's Walking the Earth).
    • Kinda subverted with Naruto/Hinata considering they get a Big Damn Kiss in The Last: Naruto the Movie. Masashi Kishimoto says he thought he wouldn't be able to watch the particular scene but surprisingly enough he managed it and felt like "his kids had finally grown up and flown away from home".
  • Trolling Creator: He's not as bad as some others, but the way he wrote the pairings raised a few eyebrows:
    • He explained that he already had decided Naruto would end up with Hinata in the very early stages of the manga and that he put all the Naruto/Sakura references, parallels and comparisons (both out and in-universe) between Naruto's mother, Kushina, and Sakura specifically to troll shipping fans, and that Sakura was never going to be Naruto's main love interest to begin with; it was always going to be Hinata, since the beginning.
    • He trolled the shipping fandom again (specifically the Sasuke/Karin shippers who suggested that Sarada was in reality Karin's daughter) in the Post-Script Season Naruto Gaiden, with the revelation that Sarada could actually be the daughter of Sasuke with Karin instead of Sakura, he even added scene of a DNA test to confirm this causing the fandom to explode... but then in the end it was revealed that Sakura was indeed Sarada's biological mother all along, while Karin was the midwife during Sarada's birth. With this, Kishimoto's status of troll is fully confirmed.
  • Worthy Opponent: He seems to be very good friend with One Piece's Eiichiro Oda, and the feeling is mutual. In fact, what cement this trope, is that Oda considered Naruto his biggest rival in Jump and felt One Piece's success was partly because, since he had a rival, it motivated him to work ever harder. Kishimoto himself, already saw Oda as a legend when he started Naruto, much to the latter's embarrassment.