Creator / Mohiro Kitoh

Mohiro Kitoh is the creator of Narutaru and Bokurano, both of which have been adapted into anime series. Before those, he also wrote the two-volume manga Wings of Vendemiaire as well as a number of short stories.

His work nearly always sits on the far end of the cynical side of the scale and frequently involves very disturbing material and abrupt changes in mood. Common themes include the cruelty of humans and the innocence (or loss of, or indeed lack thereof) of children. He is also really fond of mountain bikes; in fact, one of his currently-running series, Noririn, is about bikes.

When you break apart the kanji for his name, it means "ogre headed teacher." Considering what he puts his characters through...

Compare to Gen Urobuchi.

His works include:

Tropes present in his works: