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"The whole point of [Bret Easton Ellis's books] is 'Look how terrible these people are. Don't do the things these people do. Don't be like these rich, cool, sexy people.'"
Rantasmo, on the author

Los Angeles-born writer who rose to fame in The '80s as one of the "Literary Brat Pack"— and probably the most successful of this group. Works include:

Ellis has also written/produced two films:

  • The Informers (2008) (based on his short story anthology of the same name)
  • The Canyons (2013)

Alongside the controversy of his books, Ellis is a fairly public figure, whose Twitter account and public quotes skirt the edges of misogyny and misanthropy. In short, Ellis is a terrific writer who isn't all right in the head.

Bret's podcast on, which updates every Monday.

This author's works provide examples of: