Comic Book / Fathom

Fathom is a comic book created by Michael Turner and originally published by Top Cow Productions. It debuted in 1998 and was Michael Turner's first creator-owned comic book series, Fathom is published by Turner's own company, Aspen MLT. The plot of Fathom follows Aspen, a girl involved in a mysterious cruise ship disappearance only for the ship to reappear out of thin air ten years later. Aspen gets caught up in the mysterious events, coming to grips with her apparent water-based powers in the process.
Tropes associated with this work include:

  • Ambiguously Brown: Aspen herself.
  • Apparently Human Merfolk
  • Covers Always Lie: Aspen or another female character will appear on the cover in an extremely skimpy string bikini (if she's even wearing that much). On the inside, though still in a two-piece suit, it's often a far more modest athletic bathing suit.
    • Sex Sells: A probable reason. This trend would carry on to Michael Turner's later Soulfire series, which has two main characters, a kid and a woman. Guess which one tends to get more cover time throughout the issues.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Both the Blue and the Black largely go barefoot, as they live underwater. Played straighter with Aspen, who tended to ditch her sandals whenever she felt like it. Slightly averted with Cannon, as he's a Blue who tends to wear casual, modern clothes (shoes included). His first appearance was in a suit.
  • Elemental Shapeshifter
  • Fanservice: Lots of it. Slightly justified by the fact that the vast majority of the series takes place in or or near the ocean, but it's usually a tropical zone. Just do an image search for "Fathom" (nothing else needed) to see just how much of it there is.
  • Making a Splash: Aspen's power.
  • Military Mashup Machine: An amphibious jet-fighter, based on a recovered fighter from the race the titular character is from. Semi-F-14ish with variable wings, but mounted with a forward sweep design.
  • Olympic Swimmer: Aspen was already an Olympic level swimmer before realizing her powers.
  • Ruthless Modern Pirates
  • Statuesque Stunner