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     Ghostfacers In Supernatural and the Spin-Off Web Videos Ghostfacers 

Ghostfacers in Supernatural and the Spin-Off Web Videos Ghostfacers

We face the nightmare, we face the dread!
Ghost! Ghostfacers!
We face the faceless—WE FACE THE DEAD!

Harry Spengler and Ed Zeddmore started a website on paranormal activity and filmed their own investigations of haunted sites and other paranormal activity. This lead to their own reality television series and web series featuring their friends.

  • Affectionate Parody: Of Ghost Hunters.
  • Breaking the Fellowship: By the start of "#THINMAN", Maggie and Spruce have left the group in order to lead normal lives. Harry was on the way to doing the same thing, about to take a job with his fiancée's father. Ed stopped him by making up the Monster of the Week. Harry's anger when he finds out causes him to leave the Ghostfacers.

     Harry Spengler 

Harry Spengler (Travis Wester)
"What would Buffy do? But Ed, she's stronger than me."

     Ed Zeddmore 

Ed Zeddmore (A.J. Buckley)
"This is our ticket to the big time. Fame, money, sex... with girls."

     Maggie Zeddmore 

Maggie Zeddmore (Brittany Ishibashi)

     Kenneth Warren Spruce 

Kenneth Warren Spruce (Austin Bass)

     Alan J. Corbett 

Alan J. Corbett (Dustin Mulligan)

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