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The phoenixes of Shadowhunter Peril.

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Kyle Vivoka

Kyle Vivoka is the only phoenix-human hybrid in existence, and he is the adopted son of the Phoenix King Ra. He is next in line for the throne, should Ra die, but Kyle isn't ready for that responsibility. He's a joking, sarcastic 15-year-old who displays an insane amount of carelessness for his body, due to his regeneration.

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Phoenix King Ra

The King of Ka'a and all of the phoenix society, Ra is the one who saved Kyle's life when he was a baby, and turned him into a hybrid. He's been around for centuries, and leads the armies of Ka'a against Valentine during the final battle.

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Phoenix Queen Nasaero

Ra's wife, Nasaero is the Queen of Ka'a. She is seen very briefly in their stay in Ka'a, but hasn't appeared since.

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