Characters: Justice Avengers

Characters found in the game Justice Avengers.

For further note, several characters have been re-imagined for this new universe, and may not be exactly as recognized in any of the source materials.

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     The Heroes 
The old and new heroes of New York, ready to save the day.

Iron Man

Tony was always an obvious genius and mechanical prodigy, taking after his father, Howard Stark. He was groomed from birth to take over the family business, Stark Industries, a weapons and technology development system, and after the loss of his parents as a teenager, did so without a thought when he was of age. A couple years later, while presenting his latest missile upgrades in Afghanistan, Tony's convoy was attacked and he was severely injured with shrapnel caused by his own weaponry. His life was saved in something of a last-ditch effort via installment of an electromagnet to keep metal shards from ripping apart his heart, and he was held prisoner with another inventor, Ho Yinsen, who helped Tony create the arc reactor to save his life, and the prototype Iron Man armor that was to help them escape, if Yinsen had not been killed by a stray bullet in the attempt. Upon returning home, eyes open to the horrors of war for the first time, Tony immediately shut down his weapons division and made it his life's mission to improve peaceful technology, while working himself to bring peace to the world via steadily new and improving Iron Man armor.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is a member of a race of genetically altered wildlife that was given both bipedal movement and sapience to become workers of their planet turned insane asylum by advanced robots who were the original caretakers up until their creators left the planet and isolated it from the rest of the galaxy (long story, don't ask). Rocket himself was formerly the head of the planet's security bureau, protecting the inhabitants not only from threats of invaders but also acted as the head of police on the planet as well. He was also the hero of the planet's greatest civil conflict, the Toy Wars, a massive conflict between the corrupt CEOs of two rival toy companies that sold toys to the humanoid charges of the animals, affectionately called "Loonies", and both of whom wished to obtain the planet's Holy relic, Gideon's Bible, the psychiatric diary containing all the knowledge and finding by the planet's original inhabitants, called the "Shrinks." Rocket managed to stop the plans of both sides, even after they teamed up to kill off the raccoon.

After the war, Rocket and his friend presented the Bible to the robots, whom still provided the animals with the equipment and materials needed for their jobs, and the head robot used the knowledge and power gained from the relic to create device that managed to permanently cure the mental ailments of humanoid charges. The former Loonies, forever grateful for their years of services, offered Rocket, his people, and all the robots to be their assistants and entertainers as they planned their future.

While some stayed behind, most of the animals and robots decided to leave their home planet and explore the universe, forging their own destinies. Rocket Raccoon himself decided to become a bounty hunter and mercenary, and quickly built up a reputation as one of the best and most efficient, making him somewhat of a rival to the infamous Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo. His latest commission though takes him to some backwater blue planet by the completely "original and imaginative" name of Earth. Normally Rocket would not think twice about turning down a commission like that, but it came directly from the Guardians of the Universe, the Leaders of the Green Lantern Corp, and under the recommendation of Green Lantern Chip Squirrel, a friend of Rocket. He also became interested when the Oans directly told him the details of this mission...


Rogue was living in Mississippi when her mutant power activated while she was kissing her boyfriend, Cody Robbins. After leaving Cody in a coma, Rogue ran away from home, eventually ending up in New York. She doesn't have any idea where she is going, but she believes she wants to be left alone.


Born to N'Dare and David Munroe, Storm lives in New York, where she was orphaned at age 6 by a terrorist attack. Almost crushed under the rubble, she developed severe claustrophobia, and therapy at a foster home has only diminished the fear a little. Her powers manifested a few years ago, and she was recruited to the Academy at the age of 14.


Axel is a (very minor) Cosmic Entity incarnated in human form; his purpose is to prevent reality from breaking into separate universes (the opposite of the original character) due to things like time travel. However, he doesn't know that yet. As far as he knows, he's just an Empire State University student, and his biggest current dilemma is which girl he likes better, Ming (Marvel) or Caitlin (DC) (in the comics they cheated by having him unable to stay in either universe for long). Then strange things began happening to him. Why does he keep running into metahumans and mutants all the time now? As team teleporter, he helps the other supers move around more easily and efficiently.


The son of a loving mother and father, it seemed as though Eric Brooks would grow into a healthy and successful young man. Unfortunately, Eric's mother was attacked by a vampire while pregnant. This would mold Eric into a dhampir - half human and half vampire. Eric Brooks grew up in Detroit, hardened as a child. He soon realized that his unique heritage granted him all of a vampire's powers and none of their weaknesses. After dabbling in some petty crime, Blade soon learned the ways of the vampire hunter under the tutelage of Abraham Whistler - himself a vampire hunter. He has made it his life goal to kill Dracula once and for all and he's heard that the Vampire Lord has taken up residence in New York...

Blue Beetle

The Blue Beetle is a legacy hero, there has benn two of them before him. The scarab was inactive during that period of time so neither of the previous Blue Beetle's fused with the scarab. One day Jaime found the scarab on his way home and took it with him. The scarab fused into his spine. Later that day, Booster Gold took him into space and he saved the universe. Jaime went missing in space and came back a year later. He has been acting as a super-hero since then. He is currently trying to figure out how to defeat "The Reach". Khaji Da's memory bank was damaged and he does not fully remember all of his capabilities.

The Question

Ivan had a normal childhood in a small town before moving to the big city. There he struck with a job in an up and rising newspaper as a columnist. Since then he has had a good life... until the last months that is. His family and closer friends have been having run ins with criminals, culminating in the death of a friend and coworker in the crossed fire of a gang war. This makes Ivan snap, who then decides to take up the cape as The Question, his goal to dismantle all gangs of the city and anybody who orchestrates crime in it.

The Creeper

Jack Ryder is an investigative reporter and TV show host. He was doing a story on a Dr. Yatz who was working on ground breaking nanotech for healing purposes when mobsters broke in and kidnapped them both. While held prisoner Yatz injected Ryder with an experimental prototype. During interrogation Ryder had been dosed with drugs. The combination of the drugs, the unstable prototype and taking a bullet to the head just before his first change is responsible for both the Creeper's weird appearnce and his weirder personality. As the Creeper Ryder broke himself and Yatz out but Yatz was killed in the process.

Power Girl

Born to then-budding programmer Zane Starr and painter and designer Allison Starr, Karen has always felt alone. Even in the company of peers who shared her aptitude in programming, she'd always felt like she didn't belong - an outlook that only intensified at the onset of her powers during her mid-teens. The natural development of her powers could only mean she was a mutant, and thus she did her best to hide her 'condition' from everyone, even her parents. Her curiosity, however, would lead her to experimenting with her newfound powers whenever she could lifting junked cars, leaping ever-greater distances, and the like. The development her body underwent thanks to her powers and perhaps because of her 'strength tests' as well would serve to further fuel her insecurity, forcing her to resort to hiding her unusually-enhanced physique under ever-baggier clothes and deepening slouches.

At 20, while off at college, her parents were caught in a car accident and did not survive. Karen was distraught, wondering if with her powers she could have saved them if she was nearby. Now feeling more alone than ever, her mourning never really ended, even when she eventually moved to Brooklyn in New York to pursue her career as a programmer. She all but shut herself off from other people, interacting with clients primarily from behind the anonymity of a computer screen. Still, she continued her experimentation with her powers whenever she could, her curiosity about them never really sated.

It was later on that she heard of various other 'metaheroes' appearing, using their powers to aid in stopping crime, assist in disasters, and combat their 'metacriminal' opposites. A part of her told herself that she was doing this to try and ensure that nobody else would suffer the same tragedy she did... but another, selfish part of her thought of it as the ultimate rush; the ultimate escape from her loneliness. She would be a figure with seemingly nothing to hide; a 'hero' who people would remember, rather than just another face that would blend into the background, to be forgotten. Thus, after several botched (and rather embarrassing) debuts, Power Girl appeared: a tough, headstrong, sometimes-hammy metahero who endeared herself to the populace (though her occasional collateral damage annoyed others to no end; she was all too happy to return and help rebuild, though).

Only one person discovered and now keeps her secret: Nicholas Cho, a fellow programmer. The young man inadvertently stumbled upon her when he came to visit her on a sick day - in reality, she had just-then developed her heat vision, and ended up causing damage to her apartment trying to get it under control. At first wary of her powers, he soon grew to consider her a close friend, especially since he had heard of her exploits as Power Girl and the introverted Karen grew to trust him as well. Their close bond would become much more integral over the course of several more years, as Nicco would aid Karen in keeping her secret, and on occasion even help her at her 'other job' whenever he could via investigation, hacking, and even procuring materials for her current costume.

  • Rapid-Fire Typing: Does it impressively while helping Tony and JARVIS defend against a virus attack.

Miss Martian

If you ask her, this is what she'll tell you: M'gann is Martian Manhunter's niece, and her uncle has kindly taken her to Earth for a visit that was quickly extended into what can soon become a permanent stay on this nice little planet called Earth.


Raven's mother, the first Rachel Roth, was originally from the same Earth as everyone else. One day she was kidnapped by a group of cultists and given up to their lord, the demon known as Trigon. He took her to the dimension of Azerath and impregnating her, forcing her to give birth to Raven. Once she was born, Raven was trained and groomed to be a servant of her father, just like her many other half-siblings. Her mother had other plans though. Rachel taught her daughter about the world she came from, telling her stories about what life was like there and all the heroes that lived there. She tried to instill a sense of good in her child. Once Raven was old enough, She worked with her mother to get Raven to the Earth, to try and get help in stopping Trigon from taking over reality. Now that she was here, Raven had to familiarize herself with a whole new world and seek out anyone that could help the coming storm.

     The Rogues Gallery 
The dastardly villains that threaten the heroes beloved city.

The Joker

"Because you want to know the truth, New Yorkers? These fellas... are not going to help you. You see, all they do is go after people like me! Screw the population. They think they're justice avengers or something stupid like that, while I'm walking around, free as a daisy! And look at that! Who warned you about the impending doom? Who warned you about what you should do? Your pal, Joker! This is your chance, New Yorkers! Remember New York: they're not going to protect you, so you have to do it for yourself! Drink a glass of water and go out and smile, darn ya, SMILE!"

Current location unknown.



Once a brilliant but unremarkable psychiatrist, Kirk Langstrom quickly befriended Rogue and Blue Beetle, but gradually turned to evil just as he gradually succumbed to the violent urges of his mutate alter-ego, Man-Bat. After being beaten and detained by the police, Man-Bat quickly joined forces with the Joker, and slowly fell in love with the perky Harley Quinn, while he devised a safe cure for the metahuman genome. Unfortunately, Joker only sought to use Man-Bat to destroy New York. After poisoning Harley Quinn with Man-Bat's contaminated blood and allowing the two lovers to leave his hideout, Joker turned Man-Bat's mutant genome inhibitor into a mutant genome booster and contaminated dozens of gang members with Man-Bat's blood, causing immense mutant riots in New York.

Man-Bat died with most of his brood during the riots, after a young mutant named Leech overdosed on the Metahuman genome cure. Though he was a murderer and a megalomaniac, Man-Bat ultimately died as a man, not a monster, by Rogue.

Though Man-Bat is dead, She-Bat and her gang of Minion-Bats continue his violent legacy.

She-Bat, previously known as Harley Quinn

"New York will become our nest."

The Clown Prince of Crime's helpful assistant, Harley Quinn did as she was asked, getting into a friendly romance with Langstrom in order to convince him to work for the Joker. However, the Joker ended up poisoning Harley with Langstrom's blood in order to make sure he really wouldn't leave, which ended up turning his sweet lover into the murderous She-Bat. Free of Joker's "control" over her mind, She-Bat uses all the knowledge Harley had (since she was a psychiatrist at Arkham at one point) and marries it with a xenophobic desire to take over the world and an undying love for Man-Bat.

Her current location is unknown.

The Weeper

Mortimer Gloom was long ago The Weeper, before he went on his crusade of absolute annihilation of everything, to send it all screaming into oblivion. He was a normal man before tragedy sent him into a psychotic break. Placed into Arkham Asylum, his rehabilitation went well. He found Buddhism, which helped him find peace. He was released, a cured man. He traveled the world then, and on his travels, he met a man on a lonely rode and the two spoke at great lengths until Mortimer realized he had been led into the middle of nowhere. That's when the man revealed to him his true form, The Fear Lord D'Spayre. He tore away the thin veneer of sanity holding back Mortimer's pathological misery, tearing away his wants and desires as the Buddha had, but warped by mortal madness and immortal evil. The Weeper, with newfound items that give him the powers necessary to destroy a person through their emotions, now follows a twisted form of Buddhism, believing in it as whole heartedly as only a fanatic and psychopath can. That one does not achieve Enlightenment and breaks the cycle of reincarnation, is a choice, a choice one makes because they continued to be deluded by the lies of happiness in life.

The Weeper was killed- or at least it seems like he was killed- after trying to cover the city in a dome that boosted negative emotions.


"With all that newfound power, I will trascend existence. The universe will be my playground. I will do whatever I desire. I will create new civilizations, and I'll watch as they pray to me every night. I'll put them in wars against each others, and once I'm bored enough... I'll make them kill each other. Just for fun. [chuckles] I can barely contain my excitement!"

Klarion was originally a lone human boy, living in Greece during the Ancient Times. While playing in one of the caves, he found an intergalactic demon, which soon possessed him to have some fun in the human world. When it came time to leave, the demon found himself face-to-face with a problem: Klarion didn't want to leave. As a result, the two merged, becoming a powerful, reality warping Lord of Chaos. He may look and talk like an adult, but Klarion is a child at heart, fueled by a terrifying desire to turn the universe into his own personal plaything.

Klarion was stripped of his powers and sent to an alternate dimension by Raven and the Team, after he put on a spell that switched the ages of the people of New York, turning kids into adults and vice versa.

The Music Meister

"I am the one who deserves Virginia! Not you, Stark!"

Back in her college years, Virginia Potts once helped a poor boy that was being bullied. That poor boy was Billy Buddy, who immediately became enamored with her, following her wherever she went, until he discovered his amazing ability: he could control people through his song. Throughout the years, he attempted various lavish crimes to grab Pepper's attention and conquer her back, but all his plans were thwarted by Iron Man (whilst he was dealing with bigger fish). This led to Billy adopting the persona of the Music Meister, a villain bent on destroying his archenemy Tony Stark and getting back his true love Pepper Potts.

He was hired by an unknown millionaire with the mission to kill Tony Stark. No one believed he could do it, until he hypnotized Tony with his song and almost made him commit suicide by self-immolation, but Tony fought back, with the help of the team, and defeated the Music Meister. He is now in prison.

Bastion Mckenzie

Bastion was the young son of a multi-millionaire, only seventeen, and already heavily indoctrinated by his father's hateful anti-mutant speech. He was taken around purely to show that young people were involved in the anti-mutant cause and that it was popular. However, one day, he had an accident in which he was locked in the room with a typically "defective" Master Mold, who combined a Sentinel design involving Nanites with the young man. The result was a technological being, and one of the first "human Sentinels" in the project. This experiment was not documented, and it seemed to fade for a while...until after the Music Meister's campaign. At this, Bastion moved into New York to begin his plans.

A plan involving fake clinics, tagging and a targeted Sentinel campaign which is certainly not supposed to remind you of anything.

Crime Bosses

Leland Owsley, AKA The Owl

Once a successful and wise investor in the financial district, Leland Owsley turned to the criminal underworld after being exposed by the IRS. Now known as The Owl of Wall Street, Owsley now leads a large gang of angry and disenfranchised metahumans, though he doesn't appear to be a mutant himself.

Frederick Foswell, AKA Big Man

One of the leading mob bosses of New York, Big Man is the leader of the Enforcers, and his gang members are the very first enemies encountered in the RP. After antagonizing the heroes multiple times throughout the RP, Big Man was eventually incapacitated by The Question, though his rackets still appear to be in operation.

Richard Fisk, AKA The Rose

Very little is known about Rose, who is a powerful figure in the New York underworld. Rumors have it that he is affiliated with the legendary "Kingpin", a mobster who supposedly controls the entire New York underworld. His operations have mostly gone by unnoticed by the heroes of New York City.

Silvio Manfredi, AKA Silvermane

Nicknamed Silvermane for his chalk-white hair, Silvio Manfredi is the don of one of New York's oldest Mafia families. Unlike The Owl or Big Man, Silvermane is not a costumed "super-criminal", and he appears to be quite relaxed and traditional when it comes to organized crime.

Graydon Creed

A wealthy politician and leader of the charitable Friends of Humanity group, Graydon Creed is actually a violent racist who uses his power to commit hate crimes against the metahumans of New York. While not exactly a crime boss himself, Creed has associated with New York's leading criminals before. Graydon Creed's crimes have not gone unpunished, however, as he encountered his mother Mystique during one of Ryder's controversial shows.

They are not heroes and they are not villains, but they still play a part in this new era of superheroes.

G. Gordon Godfrey and Morgan Edge

The Morlocks

Pepper, Happy and JARVIS

The Xavier Academy's Staff