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Characters: Gold Digger
Characters in Gold Digger.

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    Diggers Family 

Gina Diggers

Super-scientist and archeologist who embarks on bizarre adventures both within and outside of our dimensional realm, with the help of her family.

Britanny 'Gia (nee Diggers)

The last known were-cheetah. She was found by Theodore and adopted into their family. On an expedition to El Dorado, she ran into Stryyp, the prince of the lost city. It was lust at first sight, then developed into true love. They are currently married with a daughter.

Brianna Diggers

An accidentally created composite clone of Gina and Britanny. Brianna is almost as smart as Gina and almost as tough as Brit' (and roughly as lecherous as them both). She really likes guns.

Jonathan Diggers / The Lich King

Once a kind explorer (Like his son and granddaughter would become), Jonathan was caught in an explosion of magic energy that turned him into an evil lich. Banished to the realm of the Undead, he eventually took it over.

Dr. Theodore Diggers

An archmage and explorer who's Gina's father.

Julia Diggers

A barbarian warrior from the world of Jade. She met Theodore after his well-meaning assistance cost her a tournament win. She made him help her raid a dungeon to make up for it, and the rest is history. When her daughters were young, she ended up stranded on Jade by the actions of the Lich King, unable to return to Earth except for short periods of time, until Gina and Brianna finally figured out how to break the curse.


The Krynn Prince of El Dorado, married to Britanny.

  • Amazon Chaser: Though she chased first.
  • Papa Wolf: He forces his artifact-weapons to consume his own being for fuel in an attempt to protect Tifanny and rescue Britanny. He half-wins.
  • Punny Name: It's pronounced the same as "stripe," and as a result that's sometimes how it's spelled.

Tifanny 'Gia

Britanny and Stryyp's daughter.

    Team Gold Digger 


A Djinn whom Gina recovered. A Djinn tends to take on characteristics of the people most liked by the person s/he likes, so he eventually went from six-armed, bronze, bald and bearded to a blend of the males who get the most positive reactions from Gina. Currently back together with his ex-wife.


A Rakshasa the Diggers sisters found in an ancient tomb. Currently married to Seance.


Once she was the Djinn princess of Yl'Daljim. She wanted to have the power Yl'Daljim magic sun, but in her attempts to seize it she released invaders that enslaved the Djinn. She was in a temple in India until Fauntleroy stole her from the said temple. She then came into Gina's possession where it is revealed that Genn is her Son/Daughter. She then asks Genn to make her body genetically similar to Gina's so she can take Gina's place so that she can go to Yl'Daljim. In the final battle between Gina and Madrid, Gina tricks Madrid into being trapped on a base on the moon. She eventually made it down to earth, where her backstabbing ways promptly got her into trouble again. Several weeks of humiliation at the claws of some cruel dragons finally broke her spirit, driving Madrid to turn her life around.


An aura mage and student of Theodore Diggers.

  • Bishōnen
  • Dirty Mind-Reading: When first introduced, he had trouble controlling his ability to read the surface thoughts of others. Both Gina and Genn's imaginations were rather "inspired", much to their embarrassment...
  • Everyone Calls Him Barkeep: "Seance" is a title, not his birth name.
  • Kung Fu Mage: Had himself turned into one, but then found out the change wasn't as permanent, nor as desirable, as he thought.

  • Captain Ersatz: Most of the original members of the guard were pretty much based on the Thundercats. Indeed, their names are anagrams.


The leader of the Edge-Guard.


Garfield "Gar" Silvear

Sheila Silvear



A were-cheetah who just happened to show up the day of Brittany's wedding. Was eventually revealed to be a golem created by a romantic rival, who tried to destroy him for failing to break up Brit and her fiancÚ. Brianna was able to save a piece that contained his "soul" and with some help, eventually gave him a real body. He currently serves in the Northern Edge Guard.


An Amazon Breeder who was taken with Raphiel. Unfortunately, her attempts to get into his pants eventually resulted into her being cursed.
  • Action Mom: Breeders are fertile Amazons whose primary duty is to seek out suitable mates and birth new members of the tribe. Before/between/after that, they're as tough as any Amazon.
    • Sadly, a later GD issue revealed that uncursing Sil has also rendered her sterile.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Got turned into a Were-Wabbit.
  • Killer Wabbit: Wabbits look like cute little bunnies with long tails, but they're carnivorous, have Absurdly Sharp Blades on the end of those tails, and can infect people like a were-creature and turn them into Wabbits.
  • Petting Zoo People: When we see Sil and Raph again, she's at least regained a humanoid (Wabbit-based) form, but apparently at the cost of her fertility.
  • Team Pet:


    Penny's Crew 

Penelope "Penny" Koss (nee Pincer)

A fellow explorer and former rival to Gina. (They swapped many a wedgie in the early days of the comic.)

Kevin "Ace" Koss

A pilot for hire who is a close friend (and frequent transport) of Gina's, as well as Penny's new husband. Considered to be one of the best pilots on Earth.


A bio-engineered harpy unleashed by the villain Alfred Peachbody as a mindless attack beast. After Peachbody's defeat, she started to develop her own will and personality, and was taken in by Penny as a bodyguard (much like Brit' is to Gina).

  • Cheerful Child: Although this may fade, as she's begun entering the equivalent of early adolescence.
  • Lightning Bruiser: According to Penny, she is stronger and maybe even faster then Britanny. It's mostly her attitude and innocence that hold her back.
  • Winged Humanoid: She looks mostly human, except the yellow, feathered skin, wings, and talons for hands/feet.
  • Younger than They Look: Despite her adult body, Charlotte has only been in existence as a sapient being for a few years, and has the mentality of a kid.

    Other Allies 

The Vaultron Force



See Villains


See Villains

Lydia Iceron McKraken

A blonde, waifish were-rat girl with a very headstrong attitude, best known for unleashing streams of profanity when under stress (or just when speaking in general). She is the de facto leader of of the "Mall Rats" and has proven herself to be effective, though at times she can be more bossy than necessary. In the Throne of Shadows special mini-series, Lydia also shows that she'd rather her friends hate her than see them die. She is later revealed to be the daughter of Gothwrain and Sherisha.

Romeo Ellis

A blue-haired were-rat, Romeo is the only male of the group and seemingly the lowest on the totem pole. (In fact, he's just as good a fighter and assassin as his two friends/lovers; he's simply more willing to take their punishment for the sake of group harmony.) He is overly dramatic in a quasi-Shakespearean manner. While Lydia is the best combat leader, Romeo could be seen as the group's emotional anchor, ever the demonstrative and cautious individual.

Moisha Rich

The Chick of the Mall Rats, a purple-haired were-rat. She is best known for her very large chest, having some of the most generous proportions in the comic. She speaks in Valley Girl and acts bored in most circumstances. Chosen to be one of Lydia's friends from birth.



The Big Bad of the series. Originally a iron dragon who tyrannized dragon society with the Time Raft, he was sent hurtling through time and space by Gina when he tried to force her to fix the device. He was pulled out by Ancient Gina as a pawn in her plan to save the universe. He is currently battling her to get full control of the Infinity Engine, a device the two are building that allows control of reality.

Gothwrain Iceron

Once he was the creator of the the werewolves and other lycanthropic races. But when his favorite slave, Sherisha, wanted freedom for her people, Iceron had her punished. Sherisha then killed him, but he got better. In return, Iceron then created the were-cats to hunt down the were-rats. When he discovered one breed, the were-cheetahs, could catch rats faster than any of the other types, he gave them an ability called the "Doom Gaze" that could freeze were-rats and shock them out of their hybrid forms. However, Iceron was unaware that Sherisha had infected him with lycanthropy, which didn't kick in until after he finished his project, meaning he suddenly became a target of his own creation. As a were-rat, Gothwrain sought the destruction of the were-cheetah clan and nearly succeeded, but Theodore Diggers intervened, saving the last one.
  • Badass Grandpa
  • Came Back Wrong
  • Came Back Strong
  • Demoted to Dragon
  • Evil Old Folks
  • Faux Affably Evil
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: He created were-people and was killed by his favorite were-rat after he began to abuse his creations. He had charmed himself to come back to life and upgraded were-cats to kill were-rats, especially were-cheetahs, but the lycanthrophy he was unknowingly inflicted with turned him into a were-rat,not only making him a target of the were-cheetahs but also a slave of Sherisha and thanks to the "ageless shell" spell, the only way to gain control back is to kill himself.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Thanks to the ageless shell, he and Sherisha's bodies only age a season every 20 years. He later made the two of them even younger with a youth spell.
  • Staying Alive
  • Stealth Mentor: His harsh training on Lydia was to prepare her to rule Dark Home.


Sherisha, the near-immortal leader of the were-rat clan and co-founder of a giant criminal empire.


Former tyrant ruler of the Ork Republic and attempted genocidal conqueror of Jade Realm. 50 years ago, he took over the Dwarven people's land and attempted to take over Jag's Lair 30 years ago. In current day, Julia and G'nolga was able defeat him but Dreadwing freed him in to gain his assistance in his conquest of Jade Realm.


The former William Justice of the Wonder Friends. After his parents were killed battling a super villain, he took up a new name and became a villain himself.
  • Alas, Poor Villain
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He originally rescued Array because of the horrible injustice of her captivity, she was constantly by his side as he became a more and more dangerous villain, and eventually what they had paved the way for his redemption.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Went from being a gang leader appearing as the Arc Villain of a two issue storyline to almost gaining the power to conquer Jade Realm and died as a major character.
  • Face-Heel Turn / Heel-Face Turn: He started out as a superhero like the rest of his family, went bad when he became determined to escape the fate of his forebears, then proved he was a hero all along by making the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The entire reason Tirant became a super villain was because after his parents died, he learned that every member of his family since the 1920s died in the name of justice and that everyone expected him to do be willing to do the same.
    • He would later give his life in order to save Array and their allies from T'mat. Array is currently being blackmailed into working for Dreadwing with the promise of bringing Tirant back to life.
  • Rescue Romance: With Array.
  • Shame If Something Happened: In order to get Crush to work for him he threatened her family and intended to do the same towards Avenger.


The girlfriend of Tirant and one of the ancient Enigmas of Merlin. She is capable of creation ultra powerful magends. Currently working for Dreadwing in exchange for bringing Tirant back to life.
  • Identity Amnesia: Array is one of the Enigmas Merlin created to give magic to dragons and allow them to rise up against their oppressive creators. At some point she lost her memories and was captured by Sherisha.
  • Just Eat Gilligan: Summoner is working for the sociopathic Dreadwing because he claims to be the only person skilled in draconic magic who's willing to help her. Summoner is capable of creating countless magends, all of whom are masters at whatever skill or ability they're created for. Nothing's stopping her from just creating a draconic magend to revive Tirant. [[spoiler: Especially considering that she one of the Enigma's who gave dragons magic in the first place.
  • Me's a Crowd: Everytime Array summons a new magend, it continues to exist in her mind, allowing her to summon again it whenever it's needed. There's currently over hundred magends in Array's head, all somehow working in sync with each other.
  • Phlebotinum Rebel
  • Rescue Romance: Sherisha when found the amnesiac Summoner, she proceeded to spend years tearing off her body parts in the hope of creating her own magends and since politics were on here side, no hero could stop her. Luckily, Tirant came across her while trying to rob Sherisha's lab and rescued her. They've been in love ever since.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: The reason Sherisha was allowed to continue with her experiments on Array was because Array is technically not human and therefore has no rights.

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