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Although Femmegasm is a webcomic that references and borrows characters from many different types of media, the main focus is on the daily life of a group original characters. Some information about the leading cast can be found below.

June July

One of the two leading females. She's impulsive Golden Lion Tamarin (a breed of monkey). Quit the comic with Shelly in November 2011, but came back in September 2012, determined to take back their Main Character status by force if necessary.

Shelly Mander

The other main female character of the series. She's a naive Axolotl (a breed of salamander). She, with June, quit the comic in November 2011 and came back in September 2012.

Pembroke W. Korgi

The most important (and only) lead male character. Somewhat of an Author Avatar, but there are quite a few differences between the two. Mainly the facts that the artist isn't single, isn't homeless, and isn't a lizard.

He took center stage in January 2012 and left in June 2012, thaks to June and Shelly's departure and Jazzy accidentally sending him to the underworld, repectively.


A female dashund that's friends with the main cast. Her tendencies to act shy and withdrawn are usually played for laughs. She started out as a minor character, but eventually became one of the main characters, especially once June and Shelly left.


A character imported from past comics by the author. She's an anthropomorphic mouse with blonde hair that runs the 'Bar None' tavern. Has been in cahoots with "Sparkles" for some time, and a recent story arc reveals that they used to be a couple in high school.

Jimmy D. "Sparkles" Williams

A bombay cat, and the closest thing the comic's had to a Big Bad thus far. Claims that his original goal was to get revenge on June for her actions in high school, but had to change it to stopping both June and Shelly from completely ruining Femmegasm. Which was complete bullshit, but it got the girls to leave. Sparkles was last seen drinking alcohol on the side of the street, resigned to the fact that he'll never be the star, but happy that at least June and Shelley lost their stardom thanks to him.

Jazzy Drive

A dog demon that, like Jennifur, originated in a previous comic series. In the next-to-final story arc (Jan 2012 - June 2012), she offered free housing to Pembroke and Daisy in order to deal with her loneliness.

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