Characters / Dinosaur Comics


A dinosaur who gets really enthusiastic about ideas. Appears in all six panels.


T-Rex's somewhat saner friend and comedic foil. Appears in panels four and five.


T-Rex's supportive (that is, less aggressively critical) friend. Appears in panel three.


Creator and maintainer of the cosmos. Seems to have a lot of free time.

The Devil

The Adversary. Very serious about videogames.


A very small insect with problems.

Mr. Tusks

An elephant afflicted with island dwarfism. Vice-mayor of Tiny Towne.

Professor Science

A diplodocus with a square graduation hat that for some reason, T-Rex answers SCIENCE mail for. The Professor seems to just ignore T-Rex.

The Tiny Woman in Panel Four

  • They Killed Kenny Again: T-Rex stomps her in every comic.
    • It's revealed in one Alt Text that she actually throws down a smoke bomb and escapes, and that she is actually the most competent character in comic!... She still never actually says anything.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: It was a fan comic but she Took a Level in Badass, blocked Rex's foot and kicked him in the face.