Characters: Bravemule

Bravemule has a LOT of characters, and it can be pretty hard to keep track of all of them. This page details only some of them. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

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    The dregs 
According to Word of God, they were bandits before 1051, the foundation of Bravemule. It is now known that they were fleeing a raid that went wrong, killing their Leader and separating them from their comrades.



The expedition leader.


"Fifteen sunrises have happened since Mittens went missing. Please Mittens I am alone without you. If I could fill my flask with your breath I would need ale no more."

The miner.


"The nefarious trees! Their retaliations escalate. I dodged an ancient chestnut where it toppled. Any tree that assaults I come next for their sapling. There are no innocents."

The woodcutter.


"Frote trains a pack of war mutts for the militia commander. He has numerous animals. I suggested to butcher one to make its brothers quarrel over the meat but he said that is not how to train. It would work."

The other miner.


"Thirty-three sunrises. I do not see the monstrous elf still. If it attempts to ambush the dwarves I will slash its throat meat."

The militia commander.


"Mar moved commodities into the medical room. I have thread, crutches, cloth, splints, and buckets. However to my sadness there were no enormous corkscrews or serrated discs."

The butcher/chief medical dwarf.


"Scheme solved. Office room is used for management with no connection to impending invasion. Leader is not a snake creature in dwarf skin."

The sheriff.


"The plague spreads through white fields."

A warrior in the militia.

  • Action Girl : Hog is the first dreg to enlist in the militia under Commander Squib.
  • Gory Discretion Shot : Averted when her POV update takes place as she bleeds out in a hospital bed.
  • Madness Mantra : She has a crazed dream as she dies.

    The War Elves 

  • Villain Has a Point - The reason the "war elves" are besieging Bravemule in the first place is because Behem murdered one of their caravans.


"I wish we had not fatally beaten the Milker close to camp, but a year has almost passed and we had a good time about it then."


"I have sudden and immense respect for Atrix, where before there was none."