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aka: The Flash 2014

Since the Arrowverse is home to loads and loads of characters, spanning five live action television shows, two animated web series, and one series that started live action before becoming an animated web seriesnote , this index has been created to better categorize character pages relevant to the franchise.

As of August 2016, the mass reorganization is still in progress, so feel free to help speed things along!
Earth's Heroes unite... well some of them.

Arrowverse characters

Star City

  • Arrowverse: Team Arrow note 
  • Arrowverse: Team Arrow Family Members note 
  • Arrowverse Star City Citizens note 
  • Arrowverse: Star City Criminals note 

Central City

  • Arrowverse: West/Allen Family note 
  • Arrowverse: S.T.A.R. Labs note 
  • Arrowverse: Central City Citizens note 
  • Arrowverse: Central City Criminals note 


Time Travel

  • Arrowverse: The Legends note 
  • Arrowverse: The Hawks note 
  • Arrowverse: Time Masters note 
  • Arrowverse: Time Criminals note 
  • Arrowverse: Past Characters note 
  • Arrowverse: Future Characters note 

The Multiverse

  • Arrowverse: Earth-2 note 
  • Arrowverse: Earth-38 note 
    • Arrowverse: Earth-38 Villains note 
  • Arrowverse: Other Earths note 
  • Unnumbered Earth note 

Other Characters

  • Arrowverse: Other Locales note 
  • Arrowverse: Metahumans note 
  • Arrowverse: Mystics note 
  • Arrowverse: Other Entities note 

Alternative Title(s): Legends Of Tomorrow, The Flash 2014 Others, Arrow Recurring Characters, The Flash 2014 Main Characters, The Flash 2014 Supporting Cast, The Flash 2014 Metahumans, The Flash 2014 Characters From Other Earths, The Flash 2014, Arrow Main Characters, Arrow Minor Villains, Arrow Major Villains, Arrow, Arrowverse Star City 2046