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Captain Ersatz / Anime and Manga

  • 500 Manga Creatures, a book that purported to provide manga clipart, might as well have been named "300 Manga Creatures Plus 200 Potential Lawsuits from Game Freak" thanks to its inclusion of somewhat obvious examples of this trope applied to the Pokémon franchise. Kyogre, Dratini, Dragonair, Zapdos, Shuckle, Metang, Metagross, Shroomish, Swablu, and Bagon are just the most blatantly obvious ones.
    • Actually acknowledged in the book's description, where it claims that the characters include "Digimor (sic) and Pokémon-style creatures", among others.
  • Angel Beats! has Yuri, who looks like a color swapped Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, only with straight bangs. She leads a group of students with a similar name to the group of students that Haruhi leads (SSS vs SOS) and even acts somewhat like her. Their backgrounds and goals are different, but their characters are pretty much the same otherwise. At least, initially.
  • Angel Blade:
    • This H-series has a few characters that may be pretty familiar to some people, but the most-definitely-not-Kekko Kamen heroine is the most obvious example. Justified since AB is basically a parody of Kekko Kamen.
    • At least two characters are CEs of Mai Shiranui (the director apparently includes one in every project he works on as a Shout-Out, two more are basically the lead females of Gowcaizer renamed, and one more is Mizuki from Gravion given the same treatment.
  • Naruko Anjou of anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is basically Jessica Albert wearing modern clothes and living in a modern setting.
  • In Area88, Yamato Airlines is a stand in for JAL (Japan Airlines).
  • In the 1960s Batman manga:
    • Go Go the Magician is Flash villain Weather Wizard, just with a different name. This is probably due to the fact that the artist had been given some Batman comics and been told to adapt them into a Japanese style - evidently one of the issues was Detective Comics #353, where Weather Wizard bedeviled Batman for a change. The reason for the name change is a little fuzzy, though. Maybe Weather Wizard's stylin' outfit gave the impression of him being one hip swinger, Clyde?
    • Similarly "Professor Gorilla" is fellow Flash villain Gorilla Grodd.
  • Bleach has one of the most famous Captain Ersatz, Orihime Inoue: Ushio and Tora's Mayuko is probably her long-lost twin sister. Shy and naive behaviour? Check. Second female lead? Check. Amazing supernatural barrier-creating and healing powers? Check. They even share the same freaking surname.
  • Of every character that is a Rei Ayanami Expy Jo of Burst Angel may be the closest to the real deal. Take a look at Rei...whoops, that's actually Jo, which should give an idea how close the resemblance is.
  • CLANNAD's Fujibayashi sisters and Lucky Star's Hiiragi sisters. Both pairs are twins, both have purple hair, the elder twin is a tsundere, the younger twin is quiet and reserved, they sport Tsurime and Tareme respectively, both twins' hairstyles resemble their Ersatz counterpart's... Seriously.
    • There is one notable difference between these two pairs of twins when it comes to Feminine Women Can Cook: The Hiiragi twins play it straight. Tsukasa is a very good chef and is among the only things where her Dojikko tendencies do not show, and Konata often teases Kagami about her cooking. However, the Fujibayashi sisters invert this concept. Ryou's cooking, although it looks good, makes Botan faint in disgust while Kyou's food is great to the point where Tomoya is honest about how good it is.
  • Since the distinction between copyright free monsters and Dungeons & Dragons originals would remain obscure to laymen for several more years, Bastard's manga originally featured a Beholder. After getting complaints from TSR's Japanese division the comic's supervisor Mr. Suzuki profusely apologized. The monster was slightly altered with comical arms and legs and renamed the "Suzuki Dogezaemon" for the collected volume. Dogeza meaning "apologizing on hands and knees," the incident gained some entertaining notoriety.
    • Konami would reference this in their Castlevania games with their own mock-Beholder, the Dogether.
    • Dragon's Crown has its own stand-in, the Gazer. It may be yet another phonetic nod to the joke.
  • Early translations of Lupin III had to change the main character into an Ersatz because the original author had never asked permission to create a character based on Arsène Lupin. He would be called "Rupan" or "Wolf" or, in the French version, "Edgar of Burglary."
  • Glen, a one-shot anime-only villain from Fist of the North Star is an ersatz of the Terminator. He even showed up in Episode 84, which is related to the year of release of The Terminator.
  • Gintama featured a large number of Captain Ersatzes throughout the series, most used for short parody scenes, like the intergalactic emperor Breeza, obviously a parody of Freeza from Dragon Ball Z or the old man from the lake, the spirit of Gintoki's sword, who looked pretty much like a red version of the human form of the sword of Bleach's protagonist, Ichigo.
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Space has Takane, who is a carbon copy of Chikane from Kannazuki no Miko—except she is probably not lesbian, at least as far as we know. Their names even rhyme, c'mon that's just too easy. Not to mention the intensely over-dramatic AI Leopard, who is, of course, voiced by Jun Fukuyama.
  • Gundam Build Fighters has a character named Mr. Ral, who looks like - and has the same voice actor as - Ramba Ral, an Ensemble Darkhorse from the original Mobile Suit Gundam. The reason he's not actually Ramba Ral is because Build Fighters is set in an Alternate Continuity where Gundam is a work of fiction.
  • Subverted in the Bohemian Rhapsody arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Characters from other franchises who appear or are mentioned by name include Astroboy, Spider-Man, Kenshiro and Raoh, the Terminator and Chewbacca.
  • Kagaku Na Yatsura: Dr. Wily, Wily Castle, and some of Wily's technology appears, including Wily Machines and Wily Capsules.
  • Sgt. Frog has, among others, Baio and Ouka Nishizawa, whose younger selves are heavily based on Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, although in the present their lives are radically different.
    • Other examples Eddy Honda, one of Ouka's opponents in her street fighting days, to Edmond Honda from Street Fighter II; a monster called "Ningen", with appearance and background nearly identical to Adam from Neon Genesis Evangelion and an unnamed alien judge who looked identical to the judge from Phoenix Wright, save for green skin and an antenna on his forehead.
  • Kino's Journey's "coliseum" episode. In that story, Kino fights knockoffs of the Batman, Clint Eastwood, and Luke Skywalker.
  • The title character of Kurohime is a gender-flip of Dark Schneider.
  • Almost all the characters from the hentai anime and videogame Kuro Inu are composite Ersatzs from almost every character from Queen's Blade:
    • Alicia from both Leina and Elina.
    • Kaguya from both Tomoe (personality and the fact she's also a Miko) and Menace (looks).
    • Claudia from Claudette, up to being redhead.
    • Origa and Cloe from both Echidna and Irma, in terms of closeness, except they're both Dark Elves, compared with Irma, who is human in QB.
    • Maia from both Risty (looks) combined with Irma's fighting style (except she use swords than knives)
    • Ruu Ruu is basically Ymir with a different name and species: Both have curls. both belonging to a child-looking species (Halfling and Dwarf, respectively) and both uses axes as weapons: The only thing that makes Ruu Ruu different to Ymir is the fact she have a dog tail and her dressing style.
    • Celestine from both Alleyne (being an elf) and Melpha (looks and role)
    • Volt, the leader of the titular Kuro Inu (Dark Dog) army is basically Guts with a beard, with Griffith's personality. Not to mention his name could be an allusion to the fact Guts is normally associated with dogs.
  • Last Exile's creators admit that the character Alex Row was heavily based on Captain Harlock.
  • Lost+Brain has Rei Hiyama, a top student, bored with the world who comes upon a power of some kind and uses it to control and kill people in order to create what he considers an Utopia, where his will is the law. Also ends up playing Xanatos Speed Chess against an opposing Chessmaster who is leading the effort to catch him. Very similar to Death Note's Light Yagami.
  • Sieglinde Jeremiah from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid has a very strong resemblance with Black★Rock Shooter, thanks to her long black Girlish Pigtails and black outfits. Both, her leisure suit (which has a hood) and her Barrier Jacket resemble Black Rock Shooter's outfit.
    • Translators made a joke about that: "'I am not Black Rock Shooter ;_;'":
    Victoria: "Hm? Wrong series? Are you lost?"
    Victoria: (to a running Sieglinde) "Don't get lost again anymore, okay?!"
    Sieglinde: "I wasn't lost!!"
  • Tsukiko Sagi from Paranoia Agent is heavily based, design- and personality-wise, on Osaka from Azumanga Daioh.
  • In Plastic Memories, Tsukasa's software destruction gun is essentially the 45MW.TRG Dominator from Psycho-Pass. The main difference is that while a Dominator can paralyze or blow a target into Ludicrous Gibs, Tsukasa's device only downloads a virus to a Giftia that instantly crashes his/her functions and cannot harm humans.
  • Princess Lover! has Sylvia van Hossen, who is almost a complete clone of Saber of Fate/stay night. Even to the point where several fans thought it was her until she was named. The only difference between them seems to be their backstory and Sylvia's much bigger breasts.
    • It's not just Sylvia. Charlotte is an Ilya clone, Yuu is heavily based on Sakura, and Seika is a copy of Rin. In fact, it would be safe to say that every character in this anime has drawn inspiration from Fate/stay night.
  • Sound of the Sky has been accused of this, what with most of the cast strongly resembling K-On! characters, plus Rei / Nagato.
  • Tenchi Muyo! GXP has Seiryo Tennan and Amane Kaunaq who are a Shout-Out to Tatewaki Kuno and Akane Tendo of Ranma ½, including the obsessive stalker-violent tomboy childhood "relationship" to one another.
  • In Yatterman, other than the main characters all being Expy of their Time Bokan counterparts, many one-shot characters in the show are either this for real-life people (like The Beatles or Bruce Lee) or for fictional characters from certain stories (like Heidi or Les Misérables) .
  • Daily Life with Monster Girl's Miia and Centorea are heavily based, design- and personality-wise, on Hinagiku Katsura and Saber, respectively.