Better Than It Sounds: Film J

  • Jacob's Ladder: Man comes home from war. He notices that something is very different about the world.
  • Jack Reacher: An Evil Old Guy has a couple of people shot up, so Marty Stu is called in to kill The Dragon, rescue the Damsel in Distress, and track down Big Bad Werner Herzog.
  • Jailbait: Prison bitch tries to kill his rapist. With a pencil.
  • James Bond: Man who needs to be discreet and effective, but introduces himself with his full name and goes after every girl he meets. And, every bartender on the planet knows his Drink Order. Also, faces people who don't know simple killing methods.
  • Jaws: Scientist, police officer afraid of water and war veteran go fishing. With explosives.
  • JCVD: A washed-up action star, playing himself, tries to pay his alimony.
  • Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle AKA The enigma of Kaspar Hauser: A sheltered teenage boy learns about the world for the first time and dies violently. The boy was played by an amateur actor in his forties.
  • Jesus Christ Superstar: The rock opera of the death of an important religious leader, using a strangely diverse cast and anachronistic props.
  • Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter: The musical of the return of an important religious leader, but this time he has to use kungfu to save Ottawa's lesbian community from vampires. A luchador helps him.
  • John Wick: Death Wish meets Marley and Me.
  • Jumanji: A (board) game of life or death.
  • The Jungle Book: A kid fights a tiger. And wins.
  • Junior: A muscle-bound scientist with a peculiar accent impregnates himself. His nipples become very sensitive. And he could not have done a worse job picking the other parent, even though there is attraction between them.
  • Juno: Girl deals with pregnancy and speaks weirdly.
  • Jurassic Park: Two kids get invited to visit their grandfather's zoo and watch a lawyer feed one of the animals.